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Everything You Need To Know About Painting A Senior Parking Spot

 This past weekend, I spent a good 14-15 hours working on my senior parking spot. I went into this process without any idea of what to do, because there aren't many articles out there for parking spot tips. Today I'm sharing a comprehensive guide of all the supplies you need + what the process was like + tips you need to follow. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!

The BEST Birthday Freebies To Take Advantage of in 2020

If you know me, you know I loveeee anything and everything free, so of course I take advantage of birthday freebies! My eighteenth birthday was yesterday, and I celebrated by getting a bunch of freebies from my favorite restaurants and stores. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you today--enjoy1

Sephora // Free gift for beauty insiders; varies by month

Madewell // $25 off coupon for Madewell Insiders (this is probably the best one! I bought this scarfthese earrings, and these hair clips)

Starbucks // Free drink/food item for rewards members

Pastel Picnic Outfit

I'm so excited to be back again today with another outfit post! This photoshoot is my favorite I've done in a long time. My friend Eleanor and I had a picnic photoshoot a couple weeks ago and I am obsessed with how the photos turned out! I love the cottagecore aesthetic of my outfit + the vintage film vibes of the pictures!

What It's Like To Have A Tiktok Go Viral (Over 700k Views)

A couple weekends ago, I discovered a trick to getting tops on Shein for 14 cents, so I made a Tiktok mentioning it. I figured it would do well and get a couple thousand views and have some people asking why, but it went completely viral and ended up with almost a million views. Here's a couple things I learned in the process!

People get MAD. I had so many rude comments, from people telling me to post the tutorial to people telling me I should be cancelled because I support fast fashion. (Yes, I'm aware fast fashion is bad, but I do get about 50% of my clothes secondhand + I don't have the money to shop at sustainable brands and it's hard to go thrifting right now because of Covid.) It kind of blows my mind that people would be so rude and demanding. A lot of people were mad because I didn't post the sequel right away and they started assuming I was just saying this for views, but in reality I just wanted to wait until Sunday when Shein had free shipping so I could actually show that each item was 14 cents.

My Fave Summer Outfit // Butterfly Tank & Mom Jeans

Long time no blog post! (especially not an outfit post - I haven't done one of those since March haha). I haven't been doing much because of the pandemic, but the other day my friend Eleanor and I took some fun pictures on top of a parking garage so I thought I'd share those with y'all!

butterfly tank // mom jeans // black belt // white sneakers (on sale for 40% off! here's a similar pair that's on sale for under $30)

Depop Vs. Poshmark: Which Clothing Resale Platform Is Better?

During the past few months of quarantine, I've been taking advantage of all this free time and working hard to sell my clothes. I've made quite a good bit of cash from selling my old clothes, and I think all my hard work has paid off! I've had Poshmark for a couple years, but I just downloaded Depop at the beginning of April, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the two clothing resale apps and share my pros and cons for each one.

ALSO!! Don't forget to follow me on Poshmark @brookebutler9 and Depop @brookekbutler... and you can use the code BROOKEBUTLER9 for $10 off your first Poshmark purchase!

&&& don't forget to check out my blog post on the best Poshmark tips + tricks (most of these apply for Depop too!)

I think the biggest factor in determining which platform to join is the type of clothes you're selling. I've observed that Depop is more for trendy and vintage items (think a Princess Polly top or a unique vintage t-shirt) while Poshmark is a better place to sell preppier clothes (think Lilly Pulitzer dresses or Lauren James t-shirts). I'm selling a mix of both styles and I've definitely had more luck with the trendier things on Depop and the preppier things on Poshmark. That's not to say you can't find cute, trendy clothes on Poshmark, because let's be real--I spend wayyyy too much money on there haha.

Currently Vol. 27

Happy Saturday! Today I'm sharing some of the things I've been loving during quarantine... grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

I am officially done with junior year, which is crazy. Time goes by so fast and I can't believe my third year of high school is already over. I'm nervous that this pandemic is going to disrupt my senior year, but that's a long way away so I'm just going to focus on having a fun summer even though it's going to look pretty different!

Eating... my family got Chick-Fil-A the other night, which was the first takeout meal we've gotten since March! I've also been baking so much... stay tuned for an Eats Lately post soon!