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Currently Vol. 27

Happy Saturday! Today I'm sharing some of the things I've been loving during quarantine... grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

I am officially done with junior year, which is crazy. Time goes by so fast and I can't believe my third year of high school is already over. I'm nervous that this pandemic is going to disrupt my senior year, but that's a long way away so I'm just going to focus on having a fun summer even though it's going to look pretty different!

Eating... my family got Chick-Fil-A the other night, which was the first takeout meal we've gotten since March! I've also been baking so much... stay tuned for an Eats Lately post soon!

Recreating Pinterest Outfits Vol. 1

Fran Acciardo is one of my favorite bloggers and I was recently inspired by this post she made where she recreated popular Pinterest outfits! I thought this would be so fun to do so I picked some pictures I've pinned recently and decided to find some similar pieces! Happy shopping!

10 Podcasts I Love

Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is grab my AirPods and put on a podcast. Even before I get my coffee, I'm listening to a podcast! Today I'm sharing 10 podcasts I listen to regularly... enjoy!

Call Me Candid // Hosted by influencer Haley Pham and business owner Lilly Ann, this podcast dives into a lot of behind-the-scenes of being an influencer and business owner. I think this topic is so interesting to learn about, and I love starting my Monday with a new Call Me Candid episode!

Gen Z Girl // In this podcast, college YouTuber Abby Asselin covers all aspects of college life: study tips, productive habits, finances, time management, social life, and much more! I love how raw and authentic she is.

Life Lately Vol. 61

It's been a WHILE since I've shared one of these posts, because for obvious reasons, I haven't been doing much of anything. The days go by so fast but I don't know how that's even possible because it feels like I never do anything besides study for my upcoming AP exams, go on runs, bake food, watch TV, and sleep. 

 One of the highlights of the past couple weeks is when my friend Eleanor took me for a ride in her Jeep with the doors down! We've both been quarantining so our parents let us see each other and it was so good to see her! You truly haven't lived until you've driven through your city in a Jeep with no doors while blaring 2000's throwback music!

The BEST Swimsuits For Summer 2020 (All Under $30!)

It's crazy to me that in a few short weeks summer will be here. Obviously, this summer is going to look a lot different than we were expecting, but I figured everyone could still use a couple new swimsuits so today I'm sharing some of my favorite swimwear picks. As always, all of these swimsuits are super affordable :)

Which one is your favorite? I'm head over heels for the butterfly one and the lilac one!

How I Sell Clothes on Poshmark + All My Tips & Tricks

Recently I've been putting a lot of effort into trying to sell my clothes on Poshmark. I have a lot of old items I'm trying to sell, and there's no better time than now to sell those items! Today I thought I'd share a guide as to how I sell clothes, as well as some of the best tips and tricks I've learned on how to actually make sure someone buys your items.

Before we get started... here's a shameless plug to go check out my Poshmark! You can use the code BROOKEBUTLER9 for $10 off your first purchase!! I also just started a Depop too (@brookekbutler) and it's very similar to Poshmark but I've had better luck selling on Poshmark because I've been on the app for a while. I just made my first sale on Depop so I'll report back later and do a post comparing Depop and Poshmark!

ft. all the clothes i've bought on poshmark... it truly is an addiction :)


I love selling clothes on Poshmark because it's a super straightforward process. You basically just take pictures of the item you want to sell, write a description of the item, add some details, and upload the listing! When someone buys your item, Poshmark sends you a prepaid shipping label and you just pop your item in the mailbox. The US post office will actually send you free envelopes if you order them online (I use these) which makes mailing your packages incredibly easy because you don't have to leave your house!

Eats Lately Vol. 6

Happy Friday! Today I'm back with another eats lately, where I share some of the best things I've eaten recently. Today's edition is a little bit different, because I obviously haven't been going out to eat... but I still have a couple pre-quarantine meals to share + a ton of things I've been baking at home!

P.S. to see all the food I ate in Colorado click here :) I'm not including it in this post because I feel like that's a little redundant.

One of my favorite recipes I've made recently is this giant skillet cookie! It's so good. Eleanor came over in February and we made one, and I made another one a couple weeks ago. I love putting Oreos & Reese's in it and topping it with vanilla ice cream + chocolate syrup.