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A Long Weekend In Austin

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As I mentioned in last week's blog post, a couple weekends ago my mom and I took advantage of a school holiday and drove down to Austin to tour the University of Texas. It was such a fun weekend, and I've put together a post of everything we did + ate... enjoy!

My mom picked me up early from school on Thursday and we drove down to Austin, where we stayed at the Marriott Arboretum. That night, we walked around the shops at the Arboretum and ate a delicious dinner of hummus and margarita pizza at Chez Zee, an American bistro with the cutest patio and a huge selection of desserts (I highly recommend the Coco Leches cake).
On Friday we spent all day on campus; we walked around in the morning and attended some business and communications sessions in the afternoon. After our communications session, we ran into the director of the journalism department and she was nice enough to give us a tour of the journalism building!

After a long day of walking around we grabbed some Amy's Ice Creams (some of the best ice cream ever) and headed back to our hotel. After we'd rested a little bit, we went to Kerbey Lane for migas and pancakes (yes, Kerbey Lane is open 24 hours and if you go there you must get pancakes for dinner.) which did not disappoint!

On Saturday we went back to the campus and walked around The Drag, where we did some shopping and sight-seeing. After stopping at the Co-Op, Longhorn Fashions, and Urban Outfitters, we went to South Congress for lunch at Guero's Tacos. Their mole chicken tacos were amazing! The area was really crowded because Austin City Limits was going on nearby, but we had fun doing a little people-watching.

That night, we headed to Trudy's for dinner. Their migas were easily the best I'd ever had, and I would go back solely for their salsa. I'm hungry just typing this!

After dinner, we drove over to the campus because UT had beat OU earlier that day (which is kind of a big deal for us) and that meant the Texas Tower was lit up! After seeing that, we went to get more ice cream at Amy's, because when in Austin...

On Sunday morning we went to a park my mom had read about, expecting to come across a peaceful pond and a small playground. Instead, we stumbled upon a bustling farmer's market adjacent to a large pond. I didn't take any pictures, but my mom and I enjoyed walking through the farmer's market and seeing all the different vendors. We picked up some focaccia from Texas French Bread and some fresh pasta from a local pasta maker!

After that we searched for a place to eat lunch, and we decided upon Hyde Park Grill. It was not the best meal of the trip (it's hard to get too excited about simple sandwiches) but the chicken salad sandwich I had was pretty good!

We then headed back to our hotel to pack, and made a third trip to Amy's for one last scoop of ice cream before we hit the road. I got the same flavor all three times (Mexican vanilla with Reece's) and it's the best ice cream I've ever had (maybe it's tied with Purple Door in Wisconsin. The verdict is still out on that one.)

The weekend flew by incredibly fast but it was such a fun one. It makes me sad that it's over but now it's just time to plan my next adventure!

If you liked this post, be sure to check out the lengthy Austin travel guide I put together last summer.

Where are your go-to spots in Austin? I would love to hear your recommendations for next time I go!

Currently Vol. 14

Happy Friday! This week has been the first week that it finally feels like fall, and I am beyond ecstatic. The weather is cool, my fridge is stocked pumpkin-flavored everything, I get to break out my sweaters... life is good.

ft my favorite shoes everrrr

Eating... I had so much delicious food in Austin last weekend, including three different dishes of migas (my FAVE) and five scoops of ice cream!

12 Things Vol. 5

It feels like it's been forever since I've sat down to talk to y'all! These past couple weeks have been incredibly busy, so I've had no time to write blog posts or take pictures. I hate not having new content to share, but I'm in Austin this weekend so hopefully I can get some fun content for y'all while I'm here!

homecoming with my friend ryleigh!!

1. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm in Austin for the weekend. I'm touring UT today and I'm going to some sessions on business and journalism. It's going to be such a fun weekend!

101 Things In 1001 Days

1001 days ago, I published a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in the next 1001 days. It's crazy how fast time flies... but here we are, and I can proudly say I have accomplished 60 out of the 101 items on my list. I now have a new list of things to accomplish... wish me luck as I try to cross these items off the list!

editor's note: this blog post was supposed to go up last saturday, but life got in the way. regularly scheduled content coming your way soon :)

START: september 29, 2018
END: june 26, 2021

1. visit 7 new states
2. travel out of the country
3. meet a celebrity
4. go on a trip with a friend
5. go parasailing
6. go on a helicopter ride
7. go on a hot air balloon ride
8. visit new york
9. visit los angeles
10. visit san francisco
11. see a uswnt game
12. see a usmt game
13. see a ut football game
14. go to prom
15. ski down a black diamond slope
16. go camping
17. travel by train
18. go to a concert
19. go on 5 road trips
20. go to the blue bell factory
21. fly by myself

22. run a 10k
23. run a half marathon
24. go vegan for a week
25. cut out sugar for a week
26. do whole30
27. try orangetheory
28. try soulcycle
29. try pure barre
30. get my mile under 6 minutes
31. hold a plank for 4 minutes
32. take a cooking class
33. run 500 miles in a year
34. get 15,000 steps every day for a year
35. learn how to cook five desserts really well
36. learn how to cook five dishes really well
37. go for a 10+ mile bike ride
38. try 30 new foods
39. cook a really complicated dish (and have it turn out well!)

40. reach 10k instagram followers
41. reach 10k pinterest followers
42. be reposted by a major brand
43. work with a major brand
44. go to a sponsored event
45. meet a blogger friend in real life
46. reach 5k youtube subscribers
47. host a big giveaway
48. become a part of the youtube partner program
49. have a tweet go viral
50. shoot with a pro photographer
51. publish an article on a major website
52. post to Instagram every day for a month
53. reach 500 blog posts
54. reach 500 youtube videos
55. take a photography class
56. buy a new piece of camera equipment
57. make x amount of money in redbubble sales (keeping amount hidden)
58. make x amount of money in affiliate link sales (keeping amount hidden)
59. reach 1 million lifetime channel views on youtube

60. go on a mission trip
61. go on a younglife trip
62. read the Bible for 365 days in a row
63. help someone find God
64. start a Bible study with friends
65. start doing nightly Bible studies on Instagram

66. dye my hair
67. grow my hair out
68. chop my hair off
69. learn how to straighten my hair
70. learn how to curl my hair
71. invest in a pair of good heels
72. get a second ear piercing??
73. get my nails professionally done
74. get my makeup professionally done
75. invest in a designer item
76. learn how to french braid my hair

77. become a community scholar ambassador
78. pass 13 ap tests
79. graduate at my goal class rank
80. join my school's leadership group
81. make two new close friends
82. save x amount of money (keeping amount hidden)
83. start a club at school
84. get a credit card
85. become a spirit sister my senior year
86. make it on my varsity soccer team
87. graduate high school
88. be accepted to college
89. choose a college
89. get my driver's license
90. get a car
91. get a job

92. read 50 books
93. completely clean out my closet (& list it on poshmark!)
94. read a book that is completely in spanish
95. take a dna test
96. go a week without wearing makeup
97. go a week without watching youtube
98. redo my room
99. completely clear out my email
100. beat my previous record of 60/101 things
101. inspire someone else to make a list of their own

completed: 0/101

Life Lately Vol. 42

Happy Saturday! I hope you all have had a great week! My week felt like it lasted forever - I kept thinking it was Thursday when it was only Tuesday or Wednesday. Today I am sharing some snapshots of what I have been up to lately (and spoiler: it's been a pretty fun month).

My 16th birthday was two weeks ago! I had a party with my friends on Saturday, and the next day (my actual birthday), my family and I went to Dallas for cupcakes, tacos, and shopping (see my birthday vlog here). It was such a fun weekend!

Ten Instagram Accounts You Need To Check Out ASAP

I've been spending wayyyy too much time on Instagram lately. Not necessarily posting, because I've had a hard time finding time to shoot outfits, but I catch myself scrolling through the app whenever I have a few minutes of free time. There have been a ton of influencers that I've been really inspired by recently, so today I'm sharing ten of my favorite Instagrammers that you need to follow ASAP!

Also... I feel like a little self promo is appropriate here... my Instagram is @blissfullybrooke if you want to go follow along (which you totally should)!

@daniellecarolan // I've watched Danielle's YouTube videos for years, but she has been absolutely killing the Instagram game recently. Her outfits are so cute, her color scheme is perfect, and she just radiates positivity!