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Steal Her Style: Outfits Inspired By Mamma Mia 2

I have an exciting announcement: I have decided that I am moving to Greece, opening up a hotel, and speaking solely in ABBA lyrics from now on!

Totally kidding. But seriously... I watched Mamma Mia 2 last weekend and let me just say, I need to visit Greece asap. Sadly, a trip to Europe is not in the cards any time soon... so the next best thing is copying some of the outfits and eating my weight in baklava (just like I did at a Greek festival last year). Throughout the entire movie, I kept thinking how cute all the outfits were, so today I've rounded up some lookalike items so you can channel your inner dancing queen!

My Favorite Amazon Finds (Part Two!)

Here on Blissfully Brooke, my post on my favorite Amazon finds is one of my most popular blog posts. I've since then discovered quite a few more gems on Amazon, so I thought I would share them with you today!

Life Lately Vol. 40

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is off to a great start so far! Today I'm sharing another Life Lately post (my 40th one!!), where I catch y'all up on what I have been doing lately. It feels like I just did one of these, but so much has happened since my last one... grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

The last time I did a Life Lately post, I was heading to Oklahoma for the weekend! That trip feels like forever ago, but it was so fun and I miss the lake like crazy. You can read more about my trip here.

Polka Dot Keyhole Top

I know everyone has mentally shifted away from summer fashion and the focus is now on fall clothes + back to school, but SUMMER'S NOT OVER YET!! We still have a good month left before Labor Day, and you bet I'm going to be wearing my summery tops and white jeans every chance I get. Today I wanted to share one last summery outfit with you all. I picked up this polka dot top about a month ago, and I think it's so fun - polka dots are a huge trend this season, and I love the fun cut of this top.

Behind The Gram Vol. 4

It's no secret that I go to some extreme measures for Instagram photos. In the summer, I take pictures almost daily, and more often than not, there's a story behind every picture. Today I'm back with another installment of Behind The Gram, where I share some crazy stories as to what happens behind the scenes of Instagram. Enjoy!

This frozen custard spot was our last stop in Milwaukee before heading to the airport. I was tired and being my indecisive self as usual, and I wasn't hungry, so I wanted to split something with my sister, who of course refused. I told my dad not to get me anything and just waited by the car. He was nice enough to get me some chocolate custard anyway, and then I made him take a picture of me with it while it melted in the 85 degree heat.

Currently Vol. 11

Happy Saturday! I hope you're having a great Saturday morning so far - hopefully it involves a cup of coffee or two and a big brunch. I have a bag of coconut macadamia nut pancake mix in the pantry that is calling my name! Keep on reading to see what I've been loving lately.

A Weekend In Milwaukee + Chicago

If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I spent last weekend up north. My dad had to go up there for business, so he decided to bring my sister and me along so we could make a long weekend out of it. I got to go to my favorite city, Chicago (see last year's Chicago recap here) and I discovered a new city - Milwaukee!