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Back To School Study & Organization Tips

When it comes to organization and studying, I am the worst. I start out the school year all neat and organized, but by December, my backpack and locker are a mess, and I'm usually the girl who puts off studying until the night before a test. However, these tips have really helped me stay organized and focused when it comes to school.

(Image credit goes to pbteen.com)
Use An Agenda
I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing this tip, but it cannot be said enough. USE AN AGENDA - it will help you. I use the Lilly Pulitzer Lilly's Lagoon Agenda in Large, and I love it. The prints are bright which makes me excited to use it, and it helps me remember everything I have to do so I won't forget an assignment. If you need guidance on picking out the perfect agenda for you, just check out my agenda picks post!

Highlight Everything
The important things, anyway. I am an incredibly visual person, and nothing helps me out more than to see all of the key facts highlighted in bight colors. I love the Yoobi mini highlighters, because they come in ten colors and they are just so tiny and cute! (Then again, nothing is more fun than pulling out this gigantic one.)

Keep A Reminder Everywhere
This is kind of similar to my agenda tip, but it needs to be said. Keep reminders of tests, events, or important dates anywhere you will see them. You could simply put a sticky note on your mirror, set up a reminder on your phone, or use a dry erase board in your locker. I love the PBTeen Dry Erase Dots. I got mine last year and they actually say the day of the week on them, but these will work just as well.

Use Fun Fonts
If I am writing a paper, my teachers usually let me choose the font, so I pick a font that is unique and unusual. It gets my creative juices lowing and really inspires me. Google Docs has a ton of great ones -  my favorite would have to be Indie Flower. Just make sure that whatever you pick is easily readable and your teacher allows it!

Study With Quizlet
Quizlet is the app that my school uses the most - and I love it! Quizlet allows you to study vocab and write your own flashcards, and you can also view other people's sets.  It is a great way to study whatever you need whenever you want and I highly recommend it!

Check In Weekly
This is one of those tips that I resolve to do every school year, but I always end up forgetting about it. On the rare chance I remember though, it actually works. Basically, at the end of every week, your clean out your backpack, binder, etc. - basically whatever needs to be cleaned out. It sounds monotonous, I know, but I promise you, it works!

I hope these tips have helped you become more organized for the upcoming school year. Leave a comment telling me what your study and organization tips are, and as always, have a great week!

P.S. I apologize for the lack of Friday Picks but I really wanted to get all three posts out this week without switching up my schedule! Thanks for understanding and there should be a Friday Picks next week.

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  1. Love your tip about the fun font!! I never really thought about that, but I'm sure you are right - it could make a huge difference!!
    xoxo, Jamie