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Birthday Recap

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the sweet birthday messages! Y'all are seriously the best and you make blogging so much fun! I had an amazing birthday (for those of you who don't know, it was last week) and I thought I would share a couple snaps I took. I had school (way to ruin a birthday, am I right?) so aside from getting ice cream, we didn't go anywhere, but it was still really fun just getting to spend time with my family and eat cake! Big thanks especially to my family and friends for making my birthday amazing!

Donuts for breakfast... you may have seen this on my Instagram and if you haven't you should totally go like it! (because I'm totally not afraid to self-promo :))

 Because would a birthday really be complete without ice cream? Leave a comment if you know where this is and what flavor I got! (hint - it's not my favorite ice cream in the world, but it's the same flavor as it! You may or may not find the answer in last Wednesday's blog post!)

 I wore this to school except I wore white jeans instead of the shorts. I just changed when I got home because even in the rain it was still 90 degrees! The top is from the Lilly Pulitzer APS, and the shorts are from Delia's.

 Another snap from my Insta you may have seen... didn't Whole Foods do a great job? Thank y'all! If you ever get the chance to try their vanilla cake, I promise it's so amazing and it will leave you craving for more. This is honestly probably my favorite store bought cake in the world.

Aren't these flowers just adorable? They totally matched my cake and were such a cute surprise!

 Thanks for all of the sweet gifts - if you're curious to see what's inside them click here!

 When my grandparents came up on the weekend my grandmother made this AMAZING chocolate peanut butter cake... one of my favorites!

Some cute cards I got!

Again, thanks a million for such a great birthday! Be sure to check back in on Wednesday for another post!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Those donuts look amazing!