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5 Quick and Easy After School Snacks

I've always been in a very healthy mindset, and I'm not really one to go eat buttered popcorn or a hamburger - simply because I don't like the taste and I know that it's not good for you. After school, especially, I like my snacks to be light and filling, while still packed with protein for my sports later in the evening, and of course, they have to taste good! Keep reading to see my top 5 after school snack picks.

Popcorn and Ice Drink
This is a very healthy alternative to buttered popcorn and a soda. I like the Whole Foods reduced fat popcorn paired with a coconut pineapple ice drink. If you haven't tried them, ice drinks are the best thing EVER. Zero calories, fat, or sugars and the pineapple coconut tastes just like pina coladas! They are perfect for me since I like the carbonation of sodas but I actually hate pretty much every soda.

Ants On A Log
The crunch of celery, stickiness of peanut butter, and the sweetness of raisins puts this one on the top of my list. I substitute regular peanut butter for PB2 which is just a peanut butter powder that you mix in with water. It has way less fat and calories and in my opinion it tastes a lot better. You can find it at Costco, Market Street, Academy, or Whole Foods (that's all I know of)

Who says toast is just for breakfast?! I put PB2 on top of mine and add a sliced banana on top of mine (since peanut butter + banana = best thing ever) or I spread avocado on mine and add tomatoes or bell peppers. This snack gives you a lot of options and you can add whatever you like!

Veggies and Hummus
Veggies and hummus is a great swich for chips and dip. I love dipping carrots and celery in Sabra hummus or Whole Foods Hummus and I will often add some pita chips too.

Kashi Cookies
Kashi cookies are one of the best cookie brands I have found. Of course cookies can't exactly be healthy, but these are much better than other brands and it is perfectly fine if you just want them every once in a while. I love the oatmeal raisin ones paired with Silk Soy Milk. (since I think regular milk tastes nasty)

Subscription Boxes
YAY.., a bonus! Whenever I get tired of these snacks, I like to go to one of my monthly subscription boxes. So far, I've tried NatureBox, Graze, and Love With Food. All of them are amazing! Basically, each month, the company will send you a box filled with a few snacks to try. It's a great way to expand your horizons and get food without leaving your couch! Psst... you get 40% off your first Love With Food and a FREE first Graze and Nature Box. You're welcome!

And finally, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful, wonderful hosts of this linkup: Nicole and Cathleen! This linkup has been absolutely amazing and I'm so sad it had to end! Thank you so much for doing this - I had so much fun writing these posts, meeting so many new people, and of course, the weekly #bloggerblab! Y'all are seriously the best.

I am always on the lookout for new snacks to try so leave me a comment telling me what you like to eat after school! Thanks for reading and let me know if you try any of these!

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