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Favorite Fall Treats

Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons, but one of them is definitely all of the food. From pumpkin to cinnamon and everything in between, I just can't pass up fall treats! Lately, I have been obsessed with anything and everything pumpkin flavored especially. I've also gotten really into cooking, and I get so excited whenever I find a new recipe to make. I've made so many fall treats that I couldn't resist sharing them! There's still a whole month left of fall, and I'm sure I'll be making a lot more treats. I I do, I will add them and let y'all know through Twitter or Instagram!

Halloween Sugar Cookies

Okay, so sugar cookies obviously aren't pumpkin flavored, but I was baking the other day and we had ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters, as well as orange icing, so I had to decorate some Halloween sugar cookies! I love how these turned out and how customizable they are! I just used whatever toppings we had in our pantry, but you can obviously do whatever designs you like. Get the recipe for the cookies here! 

Pumpkin Spice Almonds

I can't take the credit for making these but I can confirm that they are amazing! They are by the brand Planters, and they are to die for. I'm actually not a big fan of almonds, but the spices on these are so good that I could eat the whole can in one sitting... get them here.

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Waffles

I really like these because they're whole wheat so they are really healthy and have a lot of protein and fiber. They also have a lot of warm spices in them, like pumpkin, and nutmeg, so they are the perfect comfort food! I paired it with the pumpkin spice latte at the bottom and it was like heaven. Get the recipe here!

Hungry Spice Girl Pumpkin Latte

There are few things that I love more than a Starbucks PSL, but even the light version scares me. Why? It's loaded with sugar, and they only just now started using real pumpkin. Um, no thank you. These lattes taste just as good, and you have the pleasure of knowing how good it is for you. I get a lot of good tips from Hungry Girl, so check out her website after you make the latte here!

Crazy Brownies

I first saw the idea for these in the Halloween edition of Taste of Home Magazine, but I've seen variations on a lot of different websites too. The ones in the magazine were blondies, but we made brownies instead. Once they cooled, we put caramel sauce on top and topped them with pretzels, candy corn, and fall colored M&Ms, but you can add whatever toppings you want. These were a big hit at the party I took them to, and I know you'll agree after you try them! Here's the brownie recipe I used.

Let me know if you make any of these! I love them all, and I hope you do too!

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