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Friday Picks

Happy Friday... even though in a couple hours it will be Saturday. Whoops... tonight I was so busy and didn't get home until thirty minutes ago, so I just now got the chance to finish this post up. Up until now, I was at the pumpkin patch with my band, and before that I was baking brownies to take. (Hint hint - they might appear in a post later!) These past 24 hours have been so busy, and writing this post has been one of the most calming moments I've had so far. As I write this, it's late Friday night, but you're probably reading this on Saturday morning while you sip your coffee and go through your email - meanwhile I'm getting ready for volleyball. 9AM games, woohoo! Anyway, happy weekend and I hope you enjoy these links! (And now I had to republish it because the images didn't show up, which I didn't find out until Saturday morning.)

P.S. Expect lots of pumpkin patch pics, because I took tons tonight and I'm going again on Sunday! If you couldn't already tell, the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite places to go in the fall time, especially now that it's finally getting cold!

Have you signed up for TheSkimm yet?

How good do these pumpkin recipes look... I'll take them all please!

I use my phone too much but hopefully these tips will help me cut back.

Crossing my fingers this works... I'll let y'all know

I'm not that artistic but I would love to start Bible Journaling!

Kind of in love with the new Kendra Scott collection, and Megan obviously agrees!

BRB... going to make this. 

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