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Friday Picks

62 days and counting... yes, I've already got Christmas on my mind. It's been raining here since Thursday, and it's supposed to all weekend, so I've got my fuzzy socks and sweatpants on and have been going pin crazy on Pinterest 24/7 with Christmas trees, decor, and treats, so you may see a couple Christmas links on here... #sorrynotsorry. And if you follow me on my personal Pinterest (@brookekbutler) sorry for flooding your feed with what I'm sure is at least 1,000 pins. But, hey, if you like that stuff, go check it out! (and be sure to follow my blog Pinterest too, @preplifeblog, although I'm so unactive on there that it's not even funny.)

So Back to The Future Day was this week...

 The best part of Christmas is the food, especially this peppermint white hot chocolate!

Absolutely in love with Catherine's little gold necklaces! 

Whew! This has got to be one of the longest link lists on Live The Pep Life so far! And apparently these posts are really popular, because if you look on the sidebar they're kind of dominating my "What Others Are Reading" section. I'm glad you all like them so much! Anyway, happy weekend - I'll be on Netflix, Pinterest, or most likely, both if you need me!

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