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Halloween 2015

Happy belated Halloween! I know many of you aren't that crazy about Halloween - it's not my favorite either, but I still had so much fun and I just really wanted to share some pictures with you!

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So I'm just going to start off with Friday night, AKA Halloween Eve, because for me that's where the holiday really begins. We carved some very last-minute pumpkins, and roasted the most amazing pumpkin seeds ever, thanks to Elly!

pumpkin seeds

These pumpkin seeds were covered in cinnamon and brown sugar, and I honestly had no words to describe how good they were. If we had more pumpkins to carve I'd definitely make them again!

I spent most of Halloween morning playing around with my new favorite website, Canva. I actually updated a couple of my posts (In vs. Out & 5 Quick and Easy After School Snacks) with higher quality images and I'm really proud of how they turned out! It was so nice to stay in my pajamas and be wrapped up in a big blanket.

I also finished painting my pumpkin from the night before. See all of the pumpkins I did here!

For lunch, we grilled burgers, a Halloween tradition for us because we carve out faces in the cheese. We haven't done this in a couple of years, but I reminded everyone and we got the grill going.Oh, and these3 sweet potato fries? Best. Thing. Ever.

We stopped by Central Market after lunch and it was so fun... all of the workers were dressed up in costumes, with full-on hair and makeup too. There were also pumpkins throughout the store and this one was just so creative that I had to share it.

When we got back from running our errands, we started to get ready, but first I had to have a mini photoshoot with my pumpkins so I could add them to my pumpkin inspiration post. Of course my sister wanted in on the action! She made these and she was really proud.

Now for the big costume reveal... yup, I was a disco girl! I ordered the dress from Amazon awhile back, and I paired it with some black boots that I already owned. For makeup, I played with some blue eye shadow and finished everything off with this bright lipstick from Tarte. 

My little sister was a vampire princess and her costume was the best I saw this year. You can't really tell from the picture but her hair was all teased and she had on this thick black lipstick with pale face powder. Her dress was my favorite, though, because it was so detailed and high quality. I love those lace sleeves!

Around 5, we went to our neighborhood block party, and it was so fun! We talked and ate pizza, then after that we did trick-or-treating.

Yes, we took pictures in front of random houses. This is such a bad quality picture (nobody in my family can take good pictures so I just have to settle for editing them) but the decorations at this house were so cool, and how cute is my little sister dressed as Elsa?! I loved seeing all of the decorations and we got some inspiration for next year. We live at the end of the street so nobody bothers to come down to our house and we literally had one trick-or-treater.

After we got back from trick-or-treating, we all sorted through the candy and put some aside for ice cream sundaes, a pile to donate, and a pile to keep. We were tired, cold, hungry, and our feet hurt, but we had so much fun.

Once we sorted, we put some candy in the food processor and made ice cream sundaes, another family tradition. My ice cream was melting and I was hungry, so I didn't take the time to decorate it properly or pose the mug in front of a cute background. This picture will have to do and you can just take my word for it that the ice cream was really creamy and delicious, because this picture doesn't show it.

That's about all we did1 Even though Halloween isn't my favorite day of the year, I had really fun and now I can start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas! I honestly can't believe that it's already November. Is it just me or did it feel like yesterday was January first?

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