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Stocking Stuffers Under $15!

Here we are, another week into December. I like to think I put a good amount of thought into my gifts. I try to really think about what the person I am buying for would like, and not what's popular or what I might like. On the other hand, when it comes to stocking stuffers, I feel like those are more of little trifles that require less thought and are more generic based. (Does any of this make any sense to you? I really apologize if it doesn't.) Since stocking stuffers are smaller, and not the main event, people don't usually want to spend that much on the stocking stuffers. Because of that, I have kept every one of these under $15, and I think that they are all perfect picks that any girl would love to have in her stocking!

Stocking Stuffers Under $15

Personally, I'd be happy to get any of these, but my favorites are the magnets (you can also find stickers, which I LOVE), the mug, and the candle (I have this obsession which can only be judged by the size of last weekend's Bath & Body Works bag. Who else shopped the sale?!). These could work for any age, too - my younger sisters would love the nail polish and magnets, and some gifts like candles and mascara work for girls pretty much anywhere from 10 to 100.

As always, thanks for reading! If you liked this, and are searching for some inspiration on what to ask for or what to give when it comes to bigger gifts, go give my Christmas wish list a read!

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers?

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