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Wishlisted: Chirstmas 2015

It's that time of year again... our Christmas tree is up, I've got Michael Buble on repeat 24/7, and ABC Family is airing its 25 Days of Christmas. Even though I got pretty much everything I've been wanting for my birthday, there are still a few items that I've been eyeing and would be thrilled to see appear under the tree come Christmas morning! I'm not asking for much because I honestly couldn't think of that much that I wanted. Yeah, sure, I could come up with a million things that I would love to have (like this 9 foot tall teddy bear. Who wouldn't want this? I've been obsessing over it lately and every time I go to Costco I'm convinced I need it. Sadly, my wallet disagrees.) but I'm not one to ask for things just for the sake of asking. Plus, I like to be surprised. To me, it's no fun if you know exactly what you're getting.

Disclaimer: Even though I didn't ask for much, I do not expect to get everything on my list AT ALL. However fun getting gifts may be, that's not what Christmas is about whatsoever and I feel very fortunate to be be blessed with such an amazing group of family and friends. They are the best gift I could ever ask for, and I love them more than anything money could ever buy.

Christmas Wish List 2015

Hunter Rain Boots in Rhodonite Pink - I'm in love with the color of these Hunter boots. Although they're a more colorful color than your traditional shoe color (black, gray, brown) I feel like I have a lot of things in my closet that would match them perfectly! (And as soon as the rainstorms started hitting Dallas about a month ago, I've come to the realization that the only winter shoes I have that can get semi-wet are my Converse - not ideal.)

Speck CandyShell Grip Phone Case I'm really cautious and concerned when it comes to dropping or breaking my phone, and I've wanted a good quality case for a while now. The one I have right now is in the process of falling apart, and it was never that cute or sturdy to begin with. I've heard from some of my friends that this case holds up really nicely, and the colors go together nicely too!

James Avery Starry Night Ear Posts - I'm getting my ears pierced soon (I've wanted to for a long time but I never got around to it) and when I saw these earrings at the store I fell in love with them. I think it's really unique how one ear is a moon and the other is a star. I've never seen anything like them before and they would go so well with the silver jewelry I already own.

Tarte Greatest Glitz Collecter's Set - Tarte is, by far, my favorite makeup brand. When they came out with this gift set at Ulta, I knew I would have to have it. It has 3 blushes, 24 eye shadows, a mascara, and a lipstick, all for under $50! I'm amazed at the value and I know this set will last me a long time.

I hope this post gave you a few ideas as to what to ask for Christmas, or gave you some gift ideas for someone else. As always, I hope you have a very merry December!

What's at the top of your Christmas list?

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