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5 Ultimate Winter Skin Tips

Unlike most people, I love winter. I love the cold weather, except for one thing - the fact that with cold weather comes dry, cracked skin, which is why I was so excited when Roxana reached out to me to write a ghuest post. I'm so excited for y'all to read her tips, and you should definitely go check out her blogs, too. She blogs over at Style by Asia and High Style Life.

5 Ultimate Winter Skin Tips | Live The Prep Life

5 Ultimate Winter Skin Tips
By Roxana Oliver

Doesn't it seem like summer just ended and yet we're all wearing furs and caps already? Brrr! And it's not just that it's cold outside, but what this cold weather is doing to our health and skin is absolutely exausting.
What's always true of these cold winter days is to catch a cold, be down with a fever for days, or have your skin get irritated and cracked due to the cold winds that are blowing and causing the skin to suffer.

Well, luckily, there's a way to help prevent it! We're giving you an amazing winter skin tutorial that will keep your skin healthy and glowing!

Moisturizing is everything
While you are probably used to moisturizing a lot, especially during hot summer and spring days, winter requires a different type of moisturizing routine; when the cold winter days hit, you need to turn to an "ointment" moisturizer that's oil-based, rather than water-based. Why? The oil will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a lotion or cream. If you are using a cream, use the old beauticians trick - first apply one layer and let your skin "soak it in" until your skin is dry. Then, apply another layer that will leave your skin just a tiny bit greasy - that way you'll know the skin "soaked in" the necessary moisture and the extra grease is telling you the skin is now protected.
Moisturize | Live The Prep Life

Slather on the sunscreen... Wait, what?
Yep! Even though you are associating sunscreen with the summer, don't forget there's plenty of sun in the winter too and, combined with the snow glare, it can damage your skin more than you know. This is why you should apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and hands - that is, any part of your body that is exposed. Do this about 30 minutes prior to going outside. If you are staying out for longer, reapply the sunscreen as often as possible.

Vitamin up all the way!
For your skin to stay healthy during the cold days, you need to watch what you eat and what supplements you are taking. Our bodies are more fragile during winter, so it's important to pile up on those vitamins and stay healthy! If you can't find fresh organic fruit and veggies around, you can always opt for Nature's Sunshine Products, which are an amazing supplement.
Supplements | Live The Prep Life

Your hands need a hand too, you know?
The skin on your hands has fewer oil glands and is thinner than on most parts of the body, which means you have to make extra effort to keep your hands moist, especially in dry, cold weather. The first rule is to wear gloves when you go outside, and the second one is to use a greasy hand cream, so your hands don't crack.

Hook up the humidifier and stop complaining
One of the worst things for the skin is definitely the central heating system; it blasts hot dry air which "sucks up" all the moisture out of the air and therefore leaves your skin dry and un-hydrated. So, it's time you placed a few humidifiers around the house to get more moisture in the air and help that same moisture get dispersed more evenly around your space.
Humidifier | Live The Prep Life

If you stay true to these five golden rules, your skin will remain as gorgeous as ever, no worries!

What are your best winter skin tips?

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