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Life Lately Vol. 5

As I mentioned in last week's post, summer has been hectic. Summer has been a lot of fun, however, and I've already crossed a ton of things off of my summer bucket list.

Swimming // Summer wouldn't be summer without swimming, would it? I've been going swimming almost every day during the past month. It's the perfect way to cool down after a long, hot day. I love to play water volleyball, swim laps, or just relax on the giant donut float I just purchased.

Summer School // This month, I'm taking a keyboarding class in summer school for high school credit, so I don't have to take the class in high school. It's not the most fun class - the curriculum is pretty boring, and I'm not exactly a great typist - but I get high school credit out of the way and one of my best friends is in the class with me. I only have three more days left, so wish me luck!

You Gotta Regatta // This week, Lilly Pulitzer released my all-time favorite print, You Gotta Regatta. Up until this month, I've only dreamed of owning a dress in this print, but when Lilly released a neon version of the print, I knew I had to get something in it. I had the hardest time deciding between this dress and this romper, but eventually I came to a conclusion. I picked up the Melle dress (now sold out online), and even though I'm now officially broke, I am so thrilled to finally own something in my favorite print. I'll be wearing it tomorrow for National Wear Your Lilly Day!

In other exciting news, I just became a brand rep for two amazing companies - Amy Grace Monograms and Fraternity Collection! I'm so excited to be working with both of them. You can use my code brookebutler16 for a discount at Fraternity Collection, and LIVETHEPREPLIFE2016 at Amy Grace Monograms. Happy shopping!

How has the first month of summer been for you?

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