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What's In My Backpack

It's kind of crazy to believe that I start school in three days. As depressing as the beginning of the school season may be, it's always fun to pick out supplies and go shopping for new clothes. Next week, you'll see some back-to-school outfit ideas, but today, Giulina and I are going to be sharing some of the supplies we purchased by showing y'all what we keep in our backpacks.

First of all, I have the Vera Bradley Lighten Up Grande Backpack in my favorite pattern, Colbalt Tile. (Pssst... it's half off at Macy's right now!) I really like it because it's very roomy, and it has all of the compartments I need. Since I have a large laptop, the grande was the right size for me.

In the main pocket, I keep my notebooks and my pencil case. This year, I decorated my notebooks by putting a bunch of cute stickers on them (check out my post on how to get free stickers here and my post on what to do with them here). In my pencil case, I just have a few things like my mini highlighters, mechanical pencils, the best pens, and sticky notes. I also keep my agenda in this area - you can read my whole post on how I use my agenda here!

I tend to drink a lot of water while I'm in class, so I always keep my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler handy. I got it a few years ago in Lobstah Roll, which is one of my favorite prints. Since Lilly Pulitzer no longer makes tumblers in that style, I've linked a similar one. I also put a monogrammed sticker from Alli Monograms on mine to make it even cuter! You can buy the sticker here, and you can use the code LIVETHEPREPLIFE for a discount!

For those mornings when I'm running late and skip breakfast, I keep a Kind granola bar in my front pouch so I don't get too hungry before lunch. Kind is my go-to brand of granola bars - I especially love their peanut butter chocolate flavor. I also have my lanyard in this pocket, since I am required to have my student ID available at all times. I also have my earbuds, since I often listen to music during study hall.

In the laptop compartment, I have my laptop, obviously. It's an HP Chromebook, and I love it because the inside is turquoise! My school uses laptops for almost everything, so it's crucial that I have this with me at all times.

Lastly, I have my binder and my lunch sack. While I don't technically keep these in my backpack, they always go right beside it. I have the Vera Bradley Lunch Sack in Colbalt Tile, so it matches my backpack. I am also always carrying my binder. I have a folder in it for each class, and I put handouts and worksheets in those folders. I printed out this adorable cover that I saw on Preptista, and I think it turned out really cute!

I hope you found this post helpful and interesting - I know I always enjoy seeing what other people keep in their backpacks, so hopefully you feel the same way. Make sure you go check out what Giulina keeps in her backpack!

You can shop all of the items featured by scrolling through the widget below!

What essentials do you keep in your backpack?

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  1. I love this post and your backpack! My number one essential will have to be my agenda! Can't wait to follow along your blog!

    Nika // prepnc24.blogspot.com