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Life Lately Vol. 8

It's crazy to think that it's been a couple months since my last installment of Life Lately. I never meant to stop doing it, but school and extracurricular activities kind of got in the way. However, now that I've gotten in a consistent routine, I'm excited to begin writing Life Lately posts again. Keep reading to see what I've been up to lately!

Pumpkin Patch // Now that it's October, the pumpkin patch near me is now open. I went earlier this week with my friends, and I went yesterday with my mom and sisters. I have had so much fun going through the corn maze, picking out pumpkins, and of course, taking pictures! Make sure you're following me on Instagram so you see all of my fall pictures!

Netflix // I lied a little bit earlier when I said that I've been busy with school and extracurricular activities. Yes, my afternoons are consumed by homework and soccer, but I've also been watching Gilmore Girls like crazy. A few of my friends told me about it, so I started watching it. I fell in love with it, and now I'm trying to catch up before the Gilmore Girls revival. If you haven't watched Gilmore Girls, I highly recommend it!

Refereeing // I recently became a referee for my local soccer association (one of my goals on my 101 in 1001 list)! I really enjoy refereeing little boys and girls - they're adorable, and it's so fun getting to see them play. I'm putting most of the money in a savings account, but the money I make allows me to do a little extra shopping, too! :) I just bought this Kendra Scott necklace, and I can't wait to wear it.

Unplugging // Last week, my phone stopped working. It was a couple days before I was able to go to the Apple Store and get it fixed, which is why I haven't been that active on social media lately. This post was supposed to go up a few days ago, but I wasn't able to take pictures for the post until I got my phone back. While I was very stressed about not having a phone, this incident gave me the opportunity to unplug and knock a few items off my to-do list. I never realized how much time I spent on my phone until now, but this event allowed me to take a nice break from technology. That being said, I'm very glad to have my phone back!

Thanks so much for reading! Make sure you check out my most recent post, and leave a comment letting me know what you've been up to lately! I love to hear from y'all!

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