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What I Got For Christmas 2016

As sad as I am to say this, the Christmas season is finally over. This Christmas was by far the best one yet, which is why I'm so sad that the month of December is coming to an end. I had a lot of fun celebrating Christmas during the past month, and I'm sad that I'm writing my last Christmas blog post of the year.

I wasn't planning to do a post on what I got for Christmas, because I feel that posts like this are better to do on a YouTube channel, but a lot of y'all requested this post. When I asked you on Twitter and Instagram Live what format I should do it in, y'all said to write a blog post on it, so I decided to share the gifts I received with y'all.

Please note that I am not trying to brag in any way. I am beyond thankful for everything I received, as well as the people who gave me these amazing gifts. I am simply writing this post because it was highly requested. I know that presents are not the true meaning of Christmas, and that it's so much more important to focus on the birth of Jesus, but I always enjoy seeing what other people got for Christmas.

First of all, in my stocking I found a few little beauty goodies. I received some makeup remover, nail polish remover (as featured in my August Favorites), my favorite conditioner, a headband, EOS, lip balm, and some much-needed hair ties.

My ears are very sensitive to earrings, meaning I can't wear certain earrings such as my Kendra Scott and Kate Spade earrings for a prolonged period of time. While I have James Avery earrings that are sterling silver, meaning I can wear them frequently, because they don't hurt my ears, I don't have a pair of good quality gold earrings that I can wear all the time. I received these seashell earrings from Ross Simons, and I am so excited to wear them!

My sisters got me this adorable Vineyard Vines stuffed whale, and it looks so cute next to my Lilly Pulitzer pillow from My Pink and Green Garden that I featured in this post. I had been dropping hints about this whale ever since Vineyard Vines released it, and I was thrilled to find it wrapped up in a Vineyard Vines box under the Christmas tree. My mom said that our local Vineyard Vines store only got three of these whales in stock, so I feel very fortunate to own one!

While we're on the topic of Vineyard Vines, I received this gorgeous shep shirt from my grandparents! It was one of the two items on my Christmas Wishlist, and I'm so glad to finally own one of these iconic pullovers. I have so many plans on how to style this, and y'all will probably see it featured in a blog post soon.

My grandparents also bought me these cute turquoise sheets from Pottery Barn Teen. PBTeen's pool blue color is the main color in my room, and these sheets will match perfectly with my bedding. They are a nice change from my boring white sheets, and I'm so excited to switch things up with these sheets.

My grandparents also bought me this incredibly soft Vera Bradley robe, which is perfect for the winter months. I'm so excited to wear this with some cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks.

Last, but not least, my grandparents bought me a cute book filled with quotes, and some Christmas-themed stationery for Thank You Notes. My great-aunt and great-uncle also bought me this really cute notebook, and I'm excited to write ideas for future blog posts in it. Lastly, my step-grandmother gave me this fun Vera Bradley coloring book, which I'm excited to use.

I also received three pairs of fuzzy socks from various people (because I have a slight obsession) and I'm so excited to wear them!

My biggest gift this year was my new camera! I've been wanting one for a while now, and I am beyond excited to use this! All of the pictures in this blog post were taken on my Canon EOS Rebel T5, and I can't wait to shoot some outfit posts and tons of other blog posts with it. My mom and stepdad got this for me, and I am beyond thankful for it.

My two sisters and I also received some joint gifts such as a soccer goal and Wii games, but I forgot to take pictures of them and I'm at my dad's house now so I can't take pictures of the joint gifts. I've enjoyed using them, though!

Now, I'm going to show y'all what I got at my dad's house! We did Christmas morning a couple days after Christmas, which is why this post didn't go up until now.

My dad and I were at Sam's Club a few weeks ago, and I saw the cutest, softest Disney pillows. He got me a Dory pillow, because I'm five years old at heart, and it is the coziest thing ever. I'm obsessed with it! I'm pretty sure they're meant for little kids... but I fell in love with it, and Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Pixar movies, so I'm happy with it. :)

I also got this pretty Ivory Ella t-shirt. I love the fun design on the elephant, and it's over sized so I'm excited to wear it with leggings and Nikes.

I pinned these plaid monogrammed gloves on Pinterest a while back, and my stepmom noticed so she got me these gorgeous gloves from Marley Lilly! It's pretty warm in Texas right now, so unfortunately I can't wear them yet, but I'm looking forward to styling them once the weather turns cool again.

My dad went to India over the summer, and he brought back a couple Christmas gifts for my sister and me. We each got a stack of these really cool bracelets, as well as this gorgeous marble chess set! These gifts were so cool and unique, and I'm excited about them.

I also got an Echo Dot! We have one in the kitchen that we all share, but now I have one that I can keep in my room. I love Alexa so much, and I've already started using this.

My sister and I also got these fun charger wraps to put on our iPhone chargers. They're so cute and funny!

I also received these adorable monogrammed seersucker pajama shorts. I've wanted a pair like this for a while now, and I'm glad I have some. I love the little ruffle at the bottom, too!

 My sister and I each got some monogrammed soap for our bathroom. Not only is it the cutest thing ever, but they also smell amazing.

I also got even more fuzzy socks - because you can never have too many, am I right?!

My step-cousins got me this Lilly Pulitzer tumbler and matching sunglasses straps in one of my favorite prints, Lover's Coral. I love Lilly tumblers, and I've never owned their sunglasses straps, so I can't wait to use those when summer comes around.

My dad also got me two sports books - a running one and a soccer one, since those are my favorite sports. I haven't started reading them yet, but I'm looking forward to reading them.

We also received some big items like a soccer tennis net and a Playstation, but I didn't take any pictures of them because they've already been set up.

I'm sorry if this post was really long and disorganized. It's not that easy to do a "haul" type blog post, because you have to photograph every item and that takes up a lot of space, but I still wanted to write this post nonetheless!

I hope that each and every one of you had an amazing Christmas filled with family and festivities! Merry belated Christmas to all of you!

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  1. Merry late Christmas, Brooke! What lovely gifts :) So excited for you and your Rebel! I have the same model!