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January Favorites

This is it, y'all. 2017 is officially 1/12 over. January is probably one of my least favorite months, despite being a fresh start to the new year. I don't like it that much since it's the aftermath of Christmas, and once December is over I slip into a post-Christmas state of depression. I'm really excited for February, though - I love Valentine's Day and I'm ready for a month full of chocolate and the color pink.

Since I just got a lot of stuff for Christmas, I didn't really buy that many things this month. Hence, I only have a couple items to share with y'all. However, I really love these three items, so I hope you do too!

Kate Spade Sunglasses // I talked about these glasses in one of my most recent Life Lately posts, but I wanted to feature them again because I've been wearing them nonstop! They're my first pair of sunglasses, and I love them. They go with so many outfits and I can't wait to feature them in outfit posts. Be on the lookout for that soon!

Determined Bracelet // I actually wrote a whole blog post about this bracelet, but I wanted to share it again because I've been wearing it nonstop lately. The bracelet has such an important meaning to me, and it's also the perfect bracelet to stack with some Lily & Laura bracelets and pair with a comfy t-shirt.

Monogrammed Coffee Cup // My mornings lately have been filled with coffee, thanks to this Corkcicle coffee tumbler! It's perfect to take on-the-go - I take it to school most days and drink my coffee throughout the morning. I added a monogram from aNn Monograms to make this coffee cup even cuter! In this picture, I'm also wearing one of my favorite Jadelynn Brooke shirts! It's sold out, but they have another shirt about coffee that is just as cute. You can use the code BBHS16 for a discount there.

I know this post was a little shorter than my other favorites posts, but like I said, I didn't really buy anything this month. I'm planning on doing some shopping soon, though, so I'm excited to buy some spring clothes and other items that I can feature in future blog posts.

What items have you been loving this month? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Life Lately Vol. 14

This week definitely hasn't been the best week ever, but I've been pinning lots of motivational quotes and trying to remain positive despite some of the loooonnnnggg week I've had. I know I say this quite often, but I'm glad it's finally the weekend and I can unwind a little bit. However, the past couple weeks have been fun, too, and I have some fun things to share with y'all!

National Peanut Butter Day // This Tuesday was National Peanut Butter Day, and if you know me, you know how much I LOVE peanut butter. Of course, I had to celebrate, so I made these peanut butter cookies when I came home from school. They were perfect because we already had all of the ingredients, and they were amazing. My mom and I adapted the recipe a little bit to make it even better, and they were delicious when they were fresh out of the oven! They certainly weren't the prettiest cookies ever, but I'd definitely make them again!

Domain Name // Last Sunday, I purchased a domain name for my blog! I've been wanting to do this for a while, and I'm so happy that I finally did! I talked more about it in this post, so make sure to go read that!

Scheduling // It's that time of year again where I'm supposed to pick out my classes I want to take for school next year. It's been a very stressful week because of this, but I think I finally got everything figured out and I'm looking forward to taking some interesting classes next year!

Sunsets // For some reason, the sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous here lately. I was lucky enough to catch this sunset on Wednesday, and I had my camera with me so I was able to capture it all. I'm always amazed at the beautiful masterpieces that God creates.

I hope you've had a really good week!

School Night Routine 2017

\When I was looking at the comments from my reader survey, I noticed that some of y'all requested morning/night routines and day in the life posts. Today, I'm excited to be sharing my night routine with y'all! This is basically what I do every day when I get home from school until I go to bed. Obviously, I don't do this every single day, but I do this most days so y'all get the idea!

I'm also really excited to be collaborating with Julia from Sunshine State Julia on this post. I have followed her Instagram account for a while, and she is seriously the sweetest person ever. She is sharing her weekend morning routine, so make sure you go check that out as well!

When I first get home from school, I'll usually have a snack and go on my computer. I'll read blog posts, watch YouTube videos, and just unwind from the stressful school day. For my snack, I typically have an apple and some peanut butter (Y'all know how I love my peanut butter!) or some chips and salsa.

After I finish my snack, I'll do any homework I might have. I do most of my homework in study hall, but I like to go ahead and get the rest of my homework out of the way so I don't have it hanging over my head all night. You can see how I organize my agenda here - it's been my lifesaver for school!

Since I've been sitting down for the majority of the day, I like to go for runs on days when I don't have soccer practice or anything. Soccer hasn't started back up yet, so I go running on most days after I finish my homework. The weather here has been really nice lately, which means I get to go running a lot!

Then, my family will typically have dinner. On this particular night, we had salmon with a side of roasted potatoes and broccoli. I love to cook, so I will help my mom cook dinner on most nights!

Once I'm finished eating, I'll take my shower and get into my pajamas. I use this shampoo, this conditioner, and this body wash. I also love to wear my Jadelynn Brooke sleep shirt to bed - it's so cute and cozy! You can use my discount code BBHS16 for a 15% off discount there.

After everyone has their pajamas on, my family will watch a TV show and get my bunny, Cocoa, out to play. We like to watch Fixer Upper and Fuller House - those are the two shows that we can always agree on! Here's a really cute picture of my sister and Cocoa - it's probably one of my favorite pictures I've taken with my DSLR camera.

By this time, it's usually about 9:30, so it's time for everyone to wind down. I brush my teeth, take off my makeup, and wash my face. All of the products I use are linked!

Lastly, I will do whatever I need to in order to get ready for school the next day. This usually involves picking out my clothes, putting all of my homework in my backpack, and getting my lunch ready for the next day. After that, I go to sleep, and then it's morning and time for a brand new day!

I hope y'all enjoyed seeing this little peek into my afternoons! Make sure you go check out Julia's blog post - I know you'll love it!

What does your night routine look like? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Being Spontaneous + My Big Announcement


I finally did it. I purchased a domain name! This was something I've wanted to do for a while now - it's been in my blogging goals for 2016 and 2017. I don't know why it took me so long to finally purchase a domain name, but I'm so happy I did! I spent all morning setting it up, and I'm proud of myself for finally doing this.

(If y'all don't know what a domain name is, it's basically your own website. This blog used to be livethepreplife.blogspot.com, but it's now livethepreplife.com. I just thought I'd clear that up for any of y'all who are confused :)

I read Olivia's blog post yesterday, and it inspired me to finally do this! She wrote all about being spontaneous, and as soon as I read it, I was like, "I'm going to do this. I'm finally going to do this." I was really tired, and it was almost midnight, but I knew I would purchase my domain name as soon as I woke up.


I woke up with the above quote in my head, and I was so excited to change livethepreplife.blogspot.com to livethepreplife.com!

Setting up a domain name is not the easiest thing ever when you're trying to transfer it, but I think I finally got everything figured out! If you experience any glitches or anything, please let me know so I can fix it. I'm not exactly the most tech-savvy person in the world.

Today, I encourage you all to be spontaneous and go do something you've been wanting to do. I was spontaneous with my purchase, spontaneous with this post, and I'm very glad I stopped overthinking this decision.

I'm so happy with the domain change and I'm incredibly excited for everything to come in the future! As always, thank you for sticking around and following this blog - it means the world to me!

P.S - I promise I'll have another post up this week - I just really wanted to share the exciting news with y'all!

Link Love Vol. 13

This week flew by, and it was a pretty uneventful one. I'm kind of over this whole "winter" thing... I've been pinning lots of spring outfits on Pinterest (follow me here), and the warmer temperatures this week made me even more ready for spring. I'm excited for warm weather, flowers, spring outfits, soccer season, and more! Unfortunately, while I can't make spring come any faster, I do have some exciting links to share with you guys!

via my Instagram

1 // I've been watching all of Aspyn's vlogs from her beautfiful trip to the Maldives, and I love this blog post that she wrote about her trip!

2 // Elly shares her blogging struggles and how she found her voice as a creator

3 // Y'all know how much I love Gilmore Girls, so of course I enjoyed reading about the lessons that Riley learned from watching the TV show!

4 // Kate shared her favorite purchases from 2016, and I can completely agree with a few of them!

6 // My friend Olivia started her own blog and I love it!

7 // I'm a big fan of pops of pink in winter outfits, so naturally this outfit that PJ shared is one of my favorites!

10 // My word for 2017 is determination - read all about it here!

11 // I've been following Cathleen's blog for a couple years now, so I loved this post about how blogging gave her self confidence.

I hope y'all have an amazing weekend - happy reading!

My Word For 2017: Determined

I've been talking about 2017 a lot lately. I know y'all are probably sick of hearing about it, and I promise that I'll continue doing my typical posts again next week, but I really wanted to share my word for 2017 with y'all!

I've noticed a lot of people choosing a mantra for 2017 - basically a quote that sets the tone for your year and motivates you to make 2017 great. However, I couldn't find a quote that suited the upcoming year, so I chose a single word instead: Determined.

I chose determination because I am determined to make 2017 the best year yet. I want to head into this year with the intent of doing well. I want to be driven, focused, and motivated throughout the year. I've always been somewhat of a procrastinator, but I am determined to manage my time well this year and complete everything that I need to do.

I am determined to complete my goals and resolutions, and become the best possible person I can be.

I am determined to do well in school, extracurricular, blogging, and all other aspects of my life.

I am determined to overlook the bad things, and focus on the positive side of life instead of the negative.

There are so many things that I am determined to do in 2017 - it's going to be the year of growth, development, and improvement, but also the year of success. I can already feel it!

I purchased this bracelet from MudLove so I could wear this daily and have a constant reminder of my goals for 2017. I find that I do well when I am constantly motivated and reminded to work hard, so hopefully this bracelet will help me do so! Not only is it really cute, but MudLove supports a great cause, too. 

2017 has only just begun, but I can already tell that it is going to be an amazing year full of possibility and opportunity. I'm so excited for everything it has in store!

I encourage all of you to come up with a word for 2017! I feel like this word is really going to motivate me throughout the year and I'm glad to have it drive me to be the best version of myself.

What is your word for 2017? Leave a comment letting me know!

Life Lately Vol. 13

Happy Friday! These past two weeks have felt really long - it's been hard to get in a consistent routine for the second semester of school, and I'm so relieved that I have a three day weekend to relax and unwind. I know I say that every Friday, but it's true - weekends are my favorite!

Snow // Last week, it snowed in Texas for the first time in two years! We didn't get a ton of snow, but we did get a nice dusting that was enough to completely cover the ground. This was my bunny's first time in the snow, and she absolutely loved it! I also took a couple pictures of my sisters, and while their hair is a tangled mess and their lips are chapped, they're pretty darn adorable.

Sunglasses // I bought my first pair of sunglasses over winter break! I've never owned a pair before, since I wear glasses and therefore can't wear sunglasses unless they are prescription sunglasses. I saw these Kate Spade sunglasses at a local glasses store, so I got these with my glasses prescription in them. They are sold out, but here's a similar pair. I can't wait to feature them in outfit posts! (Psst... I posted this on my Snapchat, so make sure you follow me at livethepreplife so you don't miss out on any more snaps!)

Reader Survey // I know I've been promoting my reader survey a lot lately, but I would really appreciate it if y'all would take five minutes to fill out this reader survey! I want to make this blog the best it can be, and I need your help to do that!

Movies // So many good movies have come out lately! My dad, sister, and I went to see Rogue One over winter break, and we saw Moana last weekend. Rogue One confused me for the majority of the movie, but it all came together at the end and I found myself in tears because it was so. good. Moana was even better, though - Disney movies are my absolute favorite, and this one was no exception! I found myself wanting to travel to her island and spend all day in the crystal clear waters. Of course, I cried a little, too... because what's a Disney movie without tears? :)

Overall, it's been a pretty good start to the year, even if I'm already counting down the days until school gets out for Spring Break. Leave a comment letting me know how your week was - I love to hear from y'all!

My Best Moments of 2016

You're probably sick of all of the New Year's related blog posts by now. I don't blame you - it seems like everyone is writing some sort of 2016 recap. However, I wanted to jump on the trend and share some of my favorite moments from 2016. It was an incredible year filled with adventure, fun, and opportunity, so I wanted to share some of the best parts of it with y'all!

These events are in no particular order - I honestly just wrote them down in the order that I thought of them. I'm really indecisive when it comes to ranking things, so all of these items are tied for 1st place. :)

Going to Palm Beach // I have always wanted to go to Palm Beach, and I was so excited to get to go this summer! My family and I had so much fun shopping, eating, and spending time on the beach. I wrote two whole posts on it, which you can read here and here.

Going to Beaver Creek // I also went to Beaver Creek over Spring Break! I love skiing, and this was my first time skiing when it was actually snowing. While I was freezing at the time and couldn't feel my legs, I had a lot of fun in Colorado and I'm so glad I got to go! Read my recap here.

Becoming a Soccer Referee // Over the summer, I took a course to become a certified soccer referee. I started refereeing games during the fall, and I really enjoy doing so. It's my first real job, and I like it because I can pick my own schedule and I get to watch little girls and boys discover the game of soccer. I'm excited to continue refereeing in the spring when soccer starts back up!

Christmas // I included Christmas in this list because I get so excited about Christmas and so into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is easily one of my favorite days of the year, and this Christmas was definitely the best one yet, between receiving my camera, eating delicious food, and getting to see family that I'd never met before.

Getting Cocoa // The day my sisters and I received our bunny, Cocoa, was also one of the best days of the year! We received her on Easter, and it was a complete surprise. I was definitely not expecting a real live Easter bunny to hop out of my Easter basket! She is the sweetest thing ever, and I love her beyond words - I'm so thankful to have her!

Becoming a Jadelynn Brooke Rep // Jadelynn Brooke has always been one of my favorite brands, which is why I was thrilled to become a representative for them! I've gotten so many amazing opportunities through working with them, and I am beyond excited to continue repping them in the upcoming semester. You can use my code BBHS16 for a 15% off discount.

Getting my cast off // While breaking my arm wasn't exactly the highlight of my year, getting my cast off was an incredible moment. I'm thankful that my wrist wasn't broken too badly, and I only had the cast on for three weeks. The whole experience made me realize how grateful I am for two working hands, and you can read the blog posts I wrote on it here and here.

Running my first 5k // I've always liked to run, but I never imagined myself running a 5k. My sister and I spontaneously decided to run a 5k in November, and I'm so glad we did. It was actually really fun, and it made me want to do a lot more races in the future.

Turning 14 // I turned 14 in September, and it was my best birthday yet! I had a Lilly Pulitzer themed party, and I love how it turned out, from the cake to the decorations. I wrote a recap of my entire birthday here, so make sure you check that out!

2016 was an amazing year, and there were so many other amazing moments that I didn't include in this list, because this post would have gone on forever if I included every amazing thing about 2016. 2017 definitely has some big shoes to fill - I'm so excited for everything it has in store!

I would also appreciate it if you could take my reader survey. Your support means a lot, and I want to make this blog be the best it can be!

What were your best moments of 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Link Love Vol. 12

I am beyond glad that it's finally Friday. It's been a rough start to the new year so far, and while I'm remaining optimistic for the future weeks to come, I'm relieved that the week is finally over and I can relax and unwind a little bit. Reading blog posts is one of my favorite ways to unwind, which is why I love to share the posts I've been loving with y'all. Happy reading!

Side note - it snowed this morning! It never snows in Texas, so the few flurries we got were a big deal! This is a completely random fact and really has nothing to do with the post, but I'm quite excited so I felt like sharing it!

2 // I just got some Kate Spade sunglasses that are really similar to these and I can't wait until they arrive!

4 // The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is still going on... did you buy anything?

8 // I'd really appreciate it if y'all would take this reader survey - your support means a lot!

10 // I loved reading Mary Kate's Utah recap!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Leave a comment below letting me know how your 2017 is going - I'd love to hear from y'all!

New Year's Resolutions + 2017 Blogging Goals

Happy New Year! I know I've said this a ton, but I'm so excited to see everything that 2017 has in store for me. I know that it's going to be an amazing year, and I'm going to make it the best one yet.


Drink 8 glasses of water per day // When it comes to drinking water, I'm not the best at remembering to do so. I really want to focus on drinking more water, especially when I'm at school. I have several cute water bottles from Jadelynn Brooke, Swell, Lauren James, and Lilly Pulitzer, and I'm hoping that if I drink water out of those I will be more inclined to stay hydrated.

Unplug from social media // I spend wayyy too much time on my phone and laptop. While a lot of my media usage is due to schoolwork and blogging, I also spend a lot of time checking social media and watching Netflix. This year, I resolve to spend less time on my phone, and fill my free time with creative projects, exercise, and time with friends and family.

Grow in my faith // I really want to grow closer to the Lord this year. I want to spend more time reading the Bible, and I am going to commit to going to church more often. Kindness comes along with this resolution. The church service I saw for Christmas inspired me to be a kinder person, to be a light in the midst of the cruel darkness of this world. I hope to become an all-around better person in this year by following the Lord.


Purchase a domain name // This was the only goal I had last year that I failed to complete. The only thing holding me back is my blog name. I don't want to commit to being Live The Prep Life for the next two years - a part of me wants to change my blog name into something that is broader and less restricted to doing preppy posts. I want to do lifestyle posts too, and showcase clothes that aren't necessarily preppy.

Collaborate with more bloggers // I did some fun collaboration posts last year, and I hope to do even more of that in the next year. I would love to do more giveaways, collaboration blog posts, and get to know more bloggers! If you want to collaborate with me, shoot me an email at livethepreplife@gmail.com!

Improve my outfit posts // I love doing outfit posts, and I want to continue to do them. However, I want to improve the photography of my outfits, as well as the general structure of my outfits. I hope to share looks that are more than just a top and jeans - I want to add accessories and scenery to make my outfit posts more interesting and unique.

Reach 5k Instagram followers // I fully believe I can reach this goal. I have around 3,200 followers right now, so I know if I work hard to take high quality pictures and keep up a constant theme, I can turn this goal into a reality. I would really appreciate it if y'all would follow me @livethepreplife!

I would also really appreciate it if y'all would take five minutes to take this reader survey. I want to make Live The Prep Life the best it can be, and I need your help to do so!

What are your New Year's resolutions? Let me know by leaving a comment!