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Utah Travel Guide: Park City & Salt Lake City

Hello, friends! It feels like forever since I've sat down to write a blog post! My posts for last week were pre-scheduled, and I've been on vacation for the past few days so I've barely been at my computer at all. I went to Utah with my dad and sister, and we had so much fun! It was the best ski trip I've ever been on, and I can't wait to share pictures with y'all! While I vlogged my entire trip on my YouTube channel (click here to see everything) I still wanted to write a blog post about it since my audience on here is larger than my YouTube channel.

We went to Utah for five days, and they were some of the best five days of my life! I had so much fun, so I thought I would put together a little travel guide for y'all. We spent one night in Salt Lake City, and four in Park City, so I have so much to share with y'all!


We were only here for about 16 hours, so we didn't do that much, but I still had a couple things I wanted to share with y'all!

Rye // We ate here for breakfast on the first morning of our trip, and it was delicious! I was captivated by the menu full of veggies and tofu when I first looked online, so of course I had to come here! I got the veggie breakfast bowl, and my sister got the buttermilk pancakes, both of which were absolutely delicious.

Shopping Downtown // Before we left Salt Lake City to go to Park City, we walked downtown for a bit. The city itself is very different from Dallas, so I loved getting to look around. The only store we stopped at was the Real Salt Lake soccer store, but I saw tons of cute little shops that I would have definitely gone in if we'd had more time!

The World's Largest Costco // This is definitely a very random item, but I had to throw it in because I love Costco so naturally I thought it was pretty cool. We went in to grab a few items like water bottles, and we were amazed at how enormous it was. Upon Googling it, I discovered that it was indeed the biggest Costco in the world. Just look at this row of water bottles - it practically extends forever!

Emigration Canyon // My dad heard about this natural landmark, so we drove to go see it. I'm not really sure if we ever found it, or what it was exactly, but when Google Maps said we had arrived, we discovered lots of cool lookout stops that were part of a beautiful, scenic drive. We ended up doing a little bit of hiking, a lot of picture taking, and a ton of sightseeing. You could see the mountains everywhere in the distance, and everything was gorgeous!

Wyoming // Okay, clearly this isn't in Salt Lake City, but we drove to Wyoming after Emigration Canyon. We literally went just so we could say we'd been to Wyoming, but I'm still glad we went. It was only about an hour long drive, and we took tons of pictures at the state sign.

The Great Salt Lake // Five days later, we went to see the Great Salt Lake before we caught our flight back to Dallas. It was a pretty crazy experience - my dad couldn't get off the interstate to go see it, and we were practically speeding since we didn't want to miss our flight. However, we were able to get out of the car and see the sunset over the lake. What a gorgeous view - I would love to come back to the lake one day in the summer!


Now for the best part... Park City! We spent four nights here, but honestly... I could have stayed forever. It was the cutest little ski town - I loved all the houses and condos that surrounded the bright and bustling Main Street - but there was so much to do and see! Since I have a lot of ground to cover, I'm breaking this part up into two different categories - things to do and places to eat.


Olympic Village // We went here during our first morning in Park City, and it was such a cool experience! I loved getting to walk around and see the luge people compete (I'm not really sure what they're called, haha). We also walked around the museum and completed a bobsled simulation. The whole complex is huge, and it's so fun to walk around and soak it all in.

Shopping On Main Street // I briefly mentioned Main Street earlier, but I have to spend a little bit more time talking about it since it was so cool! On our first night in Park City, we walked up and down the entire Main Street, stopping in art galleries and cute little boutiques. It was such a cool scene - people everywhere, bright and colorful shops, so many places to eat. We ended up coming back to Main Street every night to eat dinner, since the best restaurants are located all on Main Street.

Deer Valley // We went skiing here on our first day of skiing and our third day of skiing. It's the best ski resort in the country, and for a good reason! Everyone is so friendly and nice, and there are so many runs for people of all different levels. I started out on the green slopes, but this was my third time skiing, so I really focused on improving my form and was able to ski double blues by the end of the trip! There are so many different slopes, and I only did about half of them even with two full days of skiing.

Alta // On our second day of skiing, we drove about an hour out of Park City to a ski resort called Alta. I happened upon this by accident when I tried to Google Altar'd State, but accidentally just typed in Alta. This ski resort came up, and it sounded interesting... so long story short, we ended up going here! It's a really different experience from Deer Valley - the whole resort is very secluded, and the slopes are very wide open as opposed to the tree-lined slopes of Deer Valley. I really enjoyed skiing at both places - it's so hard to pick a favorite!

Snow Tubing at Gorgoza Park // We made the impromptu decision to go snow tubing, and I'm so glad we went! We'd tried to go snow tubing in Beaver Creek the year before, but the place was closed so we were unable to do so. I wasn't really sure what to expect from snow tubing, but it was a blast!

// EAT //

Park City has so many amazing restaurants! There were so many that we didn't get to try, but we loved all the ones that we chose. Every morning, we ate breakfast at our hotel, and we had lunch at the ski resorts, so all of these places are primarily dinner places.

Este Pizza // This pizzeria was nice because it was in walking distance from our hotel. It's kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but I was intrigued by their unique menu. They had so many different pizzas to choose from, and the one that really caught my eye was the vegan lasagna pizza. I ended up not getting that, though, but the veggie pizza we got was still really good!

Vinto // This Italian food wasn't the best, but it was still really good! I had their forest mushroom and artichoke pasta, and it was really yummy. My dad got the chicken pesto pasta, which was also good! Definitely not the best restaurant of the ones I mentioned, but I think it's still worth a stop.

Cafe Terigo // Dinner at this place was by far my favorite meal of the trip. I had their mushroom and goat cheese ravioli, and ohmygosh it was amazing. I wasn't that hungry, but somehow I managed to eat it all! :) Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I didn't take a picture of my food. You'll just have to take my word for it!

Freshie's Lobster Co // This is the perfect spot for lunch, but we ate here before we headed to the airport, so I guess you could call our meal a mid-afternoon snack. This place flies their lobster in from Maine, so it's really fresh and it tastes AMAZING! My dad had a lobster roll, which was heavenly, and I enjoyed a lobster grilled cheese that was so so good. We're definitely coming back here when we return to Park City!

Fletcher's // My dad picked this place out after seeing the eggplant lasagna on the menu, and he chose well! I ended up getting the eggplant lasagna, and it was delicious! Again, I wasn't that hungry, but I still managed to eat it all. I don't eat red meat, so I don't really remember what real lasagna tastes like, but my dad had a bite and he thought it could definitely pass for real lasagna. The lighting in here was really dark, so I didn't take a picture of my food, but trust me - it looked as good as it tasted!

While the big highlights of the trip were so much fun, it was the little things, like playing Foosball in the hotel and laughing at our wipeouts on the ski slopes, that really made this trip one to remember. There were so many things that we didn't get to do, so I already have a list going of things to do for the next time we come back (because we're definitely returning!!!). I'm sad to be back home, but I'm glad I was able to go on this amazing trip. It turned out perfectly, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Have you ever been to Utah? What did you do while you were there? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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