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5 Makeup Products I Swear By

By no means am I a huge makeup guru. I don't own a ton of makeup products, and I rarely ever shop for makeup. That being said, I have a consistent supply of a few makeup products that I use on a daily basis. While my makeup routine is pretty natural, I swear by these five products. I use them every day, and when I run out, I buy the exact same thing that I had before. I know I like these products, so I don't even bother trying anything else!

I recently did a makeup routine on my YouTube channel, which you can watch by clicking here! I used all of the below products in the video, so make sure you go check that out!

Tarte Mascara // Mascara is my favorite beauty product, and I've used this type of mascara for three years now. It makes my lashes long and voluminous, without clumping up or anything. Tarte has two mascaras that I really like - Lights, Camera, Lashes & Lights, Camera, Flashes.

EOS Lip Balm // I can't tell you how many of these things I've owned at some point in time. I seem to buy a new one every time I'm at Target, and I have at least five stashed in my room right now. These work really well at keeping my lips moisturized, and they come in so many great flavors!

Clinique x Crayola Lip Stick // This is the perfect lipstick because it's not overly pigmented, but it still provides a nice tint to your lips while keeping them moisturized. I have this in the color Pink Sherbet, and I wear it every day!

All About Eyes Concealer // This concealer is amazing beyond words. It provides great coverage, without feeling too heavy or cakey on my face. I use it to conceal my under eye circles and any blemishes I might have, and I love it. I use the shade light neutral, for those of you wondering! :)

Maybelline Superstay Skin Powder // I love this foundation because it's incredibly light. I am fortunate enough to have clear skin, so I don't need a ton of foundation to cover up anything, hence why I don't use a liquid foundation or anything. This foundation still provides coverage, but not to the point where it clogs my pores or anything. If you don't need a heavy foundation, I definitely recommend this one.

For eye shadow and blush, I rely solely on Tarte. They have so many amazing eye shadow pallets, and I've purchased quite a few of them over the years. The one I use right now is sold out, but you really can't go wrong with any of their pallets!

I also thought I'd include the brushes I use - I love any brushes by the brand Real Techniques. They're such high quality, but fairly inexpensive. I have this one, which I use to apply blush, and this one, which I use to blend in my concealer.

Shop all the products mentioned in this post (plus a couple more!) by scrolling through the widget below!

What are your favorite makeup products? Let me know by leaving a comment - I'd love to try some new brands and products!

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