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15 Things I've Learned in 15 Years

Cue Taylor Swift's old music because today I'm officially fifteen!! I thought I would sit down today and share fifteen things I've learned in my fifteen years of this insane adventure called life. I know fifteen years isn't nearly long enough to learn all of life's lessons, but I've had some crazy ups and downs during the past fifteen years so I thought I would share them with y'all today. Enjoy!

1 // Nothing compares to getting to travel to new places and experience different cultures and things.

2 // Not everyone is going to like you. And that's okay.

3 // Even your worst days are only 24 hours.

4 // Learn how to give up your worries to God and live peacefully.

5 // You can't let negative people ruin your day.

6 // As much as you want to strangle your siblings sometimes, you really can't survive without them.

7 // Practice really does make perfect. If you set aside the time to practice something every day, you will get better.

8 // Life goes by crazy fast, and you'll end up looking back the little things you never dreamed you'd miss. So live in the moment, and enjoy every little thing.

9 // Getting caught up in technology and social media can completely ruin a moment. Know when to put your phone down and look around.

10 // Be open to trying new things and going on new adventures, because passions and interests emerge from the most random things.

11 // Smile more. Not only will it put you in a better mood, but it will make the people around you happier too!

12 // Some weeks will be harder and longer than others. Take everything day by day, and you'll get through it.

13 // Nothing is more important than having close friends. As the famous Pinterest quote goes, find your tribe & love them hard.

14 // Some days are all about salads and quinoa, and others are all about peanut butter and chocolate.

15 // Not everything will go according to your plan, but it will go according to God's plan, which is a million times better than yours. He has a plan for you and everything will turn out okay in the end. (This is the most important lesson I've learned so I'm putting it last because if there's one thing I want you to remember from this post, it's this lesson.)

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