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Blogger Bloopers Vol. 2

I'm a firm believer in showing the behind-the-scenes of social media and blogging. I've shared my thoughts behind Instagram themes, stories behind some of my most popular pictures, and blooper photos that prove that not every photo is Instagram-worthy. I haven't shown a blooper reel in quite a few months now, so I figured that a new volume of Blogger Bloopers was incredibly overdue. I hope these photos make you laugh and hopefully if you're a fellow blogger you can relate to some of these! Enjoy!

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I just have a lot of really weird pictures of me making faces like this and I really can't explain why. Also, it looks like I'm eating my hair in this picture...

Featuring my stepdad in the background trying to photobomb me...

I was trying to get a cute picture of me eating a Popsicle but really I just wanted to eat it before it melted.

When your sister tries to be funny but you're clearly not amused...

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I'm honestly so embarrassed that I'm putting this one on the Internet for the whole world to see... but I hope it makes you laugh!

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Here is yet another picture of my sister trying to be funny, but again, I'm not amused...

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This would've been cute but what on earth is my hand even doing??

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Clearly I was way too excited about pancakes for dinner...

I honestly have no idea what's happening in this one so I'm not even going to begin to try to explain it.

The wind was crazy that day and I was not having it.

these pictures haven't been featured yet... stay tuned to see them next week!
Same thing here... the wind was all kinds of insane

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I'm not really sure how to describe this one except for the fact that my psychotic smile is ten kinds of creepy.

The sad thing is, this would've actually been a cute picture if I had been smiling!

Again, I hope these pictures made you laugh and showed you that behind every cute picture, there's about twenty outtakes. Thanks for reading!

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