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Link Love Vol. 27

Happy Friday, friends! It feels like forever since I've sat down to write a blog post for you guys. School has been insanely stressful lately so I've had to preschedule my blog posts whenever I get a free moment. Today marks the end of the first four weeks of school, and they've honestly crawled by so slowly. The school days feel so long and I've had mountains of homework, so I apologize if my heart hasn't seemed as in it lately when it comes to blogging and YouTube.
I'm going to stop complaining now, though, because this weekend is bound to be such a fun one! My grandparents are coming to visit today and I haven't seen them for over six months so I'm beyond excited! We're celebrating my grandma's birthday, and whenever cake and festivities are involved, I'm always happy :) We're also going to have breakfast at a new little donut shop and go to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, so I can't wait!

Okay, enough word vomit... let's get on into the links I've been loving!

1 // Caroline looks so cute in this monogrammed pullover!

2 // I turned 15 last week... have you read my post on 15 things I've learned in 15 years?

3 // Kate got to tour the Southern Living showcase home and it's everything dreams are made of.

4 // Over the past year, I've slowly become more of a morning person, so I can definitely attest to all of these tips, tricks, & benefits that Fran shared!

5 // Jessica and Hallie opened up about their friendship struggles and I loved their posts.

6 // I'm always at a loss on how to style button downs, so I found Isabella's post insanely helpful!

7 // Molly's travel guides are always so colorful and inspiring, and her San Francisco one was no exception!

8 // Speaking of travel guides... Caitlyn's Banff post has me really wanting to visit Canada!

9 // These peanut butter brownies are probably my favorite recipe I've ever made, so I'm making them this weekend for my grandparents!

10 // Carly debuted a new series on her blog, and I'm so excited to read all the future posts!

11 // Faith shares three ways to style the most versatile shirt ever

12 // Not gonna lie, this Instagram news is kind of disturbing but also kind of intriguing... I wonder if it will turn out to be true!

Have a great weekend!

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