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Life Lately Vol. 29

Happy Friday, friends! Today was a short week, because I had Monday off and I took the PSAT on Wednesday, so it doesn't feel like Friday to me. I'm not complaining, though, because this means I get to sleep in for the next two days! My sisters' elementary school is hosting their fall carnival this weekend, and I get to go volunteer at that which will be really fun. Their elementary school hosts so many fun events, and I love going to them because they make me feel so nostalgic!

My sister (aka my amazing photographer!) celebrated her tenth birthday last week. We went out to her favorite restaurant to celebrate, and I think it's safe to say she had a great birthday! I still remember when she was born - it makes me sad to think that she's already ten years old.

Since we had a Friday off last week, my family and I went to go tour SMU. It's such a gorgeous campus, and I really enjoyed our visit there. We got to walk around, tour the journalism building, and grab lunch at the best pizza place right off campus. I wrote an entire blog post about my day there + what I wore, so click here to read that!
my favorite taco place near me

click here to see how I read the Bible
truth... am I right?!

While I'm thinking about it, you should definitely go follow me on Instagram! Although I haven't been posting as many pictures, (it's hard finding time to shoot outfits during the school year, hence the lack of outfit posts lately) I've been posting a ton of stories that provide insight into my daily life! 99% of them are about food... but at this point are we even really surprised?

It got cold here in Texas earlier on in the week, so I wore a sweater for the first time this season and I was over the moon! Sadly, it's back in the 90's now, but the cool temperatures gave me a little taste of fall and left me craving more!

Thanks for reading - have a great weekend!

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