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Link Love Vol. 28

I couldn't be happier that it's finally Friday. My school gave us a four day weekend in honor of Columbus Day, which means no school for me today! My family and I are going to go tour SMU today - I'm so excited because I hear the campus is beautiful, and it will be fun to see what a traditional day at college is like, since the students will still be going to class today. Stay tuned for lots of pictures - it's bound to be a fun day!
Celebrating my sister's birthday earlier this week!
Since I introduced a new series on the blog last week, it's been a while since I've shared a link roundup, so I have quite the compilation of links for y'all today! Grab a snack (I suggest something pumpkin flavored from Trader Joe's) and enjoy!

1 // Caitlyn's pantry is basically my life goal... I've never seen anything so organized!

2 // I've always wanted to go to Santa Fe, and I absolutely love Kate's travel guide to the beautiful city.

3 // Dorothy's blue & white classroom is the prettiest thing EVER. I so wish I could've had a classroom like that in elementary school!

4 // Being a fashion blogger is by no means easy... and Cathy's post pretty much proves it

5 // Lauren talks all about how to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to style, something I really want to start doing.

6 // No fall wardrobe is complete without an arsenal of vests - I'm loving Kelly's picks!

7 // Cristina's fall essentials have me so excited for all things autumn!

8 // Blanket scarves are another fall necessity, and I love how Lauren has been styling them lately.

9 // I keep seeing pictures of the Museum of Ice Cream, and it seems like so much fun! I loved watching Aspyn's vlogs and reading her blog posts about the experience.

10 // The Color Factory is another cool exhibit that I keep seeing, and all of Molly's colorful snapshots of it radiate with happiness!

11 // Helene shares fifteen easy travel poses you can do to keep your Instagram looking great while on vacation.

12 // Okay, this is really random... but I stumbled across this grill the other day while online shopping, and while I have zero use for it, I can't bear to close the tab on my laptop...

13 // I think this top would be perfect for fall and winter, especially paired with these jeans!

14 // It can be really hard to find cute burnt orange clothing, but Brighton's got you covered as to what to wear for the Texas-OU game!

Have a great weekend!

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