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Gift Guide: Secret Santa

I am so excited to announce that the holiday season has officially begun here on Live The Prep Life! While I am usually very adamant about enforcing the "no-Christmas-before-Thanksgiving" rule, I'm making an exception today because I have so much Christmas content that I want to share with y'all, so I better get started early! Plus, I know that a lot of y'all are doing your Christmas shopping right now, so I wanted to give you plenty of time to utilize my gift guides.

Here's the schedule for the upcoming month: Every Monday, I'm going to be sharing a gift guide with y'all. Each one will have a different theme/topic. Then, on Wednesdays, I'm doing regular blog posts such as outfit posts. Lastly, on Fridays, I'll have my usual rotation of Link Love, Currently, and Life Lately posts. Oh, and I'm doing Vlogmas, too! All on top of studying for midterms and doing all the quintessential Christmas activities. Is December going to be hectic? Yes. Am I putting wayyy too much on my plate? Yeah. But is it worth it? HECK YES, because I love Christmas and want to share as much Christmas spirit as I possibly can!

Okay, enough rambling. Let's get on into the gift guide!

Essie Nail Polish // Sugar Lip Balm // Pom Pom Beanie // Corksicle Tumbler // Fuzzy Socks // Starbucks Gift Card // Hexagon Earrings // Volcano Candle // Chocolate Bar

I love participating in Secret Santa exchanges, but it can be tricky to find a good gift to give, especially if you don't know the person that well. I've tried to find some items that pretty much anyone would love, and I've kept them all under or around $25 since most Secret Santa exchanges have some sort of budget. Obviously, if you're doing a Secret Santa with coworkers and you're finding a gift for a guy, most of these might not apply, but I think any girl would love these!

P.S. - you can check out my gift guides from previous years here! A lot of the products might be sold out, but I'm sure you could gain some inspiration and find similar products. Happy shopping!

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