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Currently, Vol. 5

Happy Friday! There's only 17 more days until Christmas (but who's counting??) so today I'm bringing y'all a Christmas-ified version of my Currently series! Keep reading to see what I've been loving lately!

Eating... so many Christmas desserts! Honestly, I'm surprised I'm not a candy cane at this point. I've had so many Christmas treats in the past few weeks... gingerbread, peppermint mochas, and a dozen different types of Christmas cookies, to name just a few. I had a Christmas cookie exchange last weekend, and I got to try so many different types of Christmas cookies!

Watching... Vlogmas! All of my favorite YouTubers have been doing Vlogmas (including myself!!), and I've loved keeping up with their vlogs. I'm going to be really sad when the Christmas season ends and my subscription box is void of daily vlogs...

Reading... Sophie's World. We have to read this book for English, and while I'm not a huge fan of the philosophical parts, the plot is good and pretty interesting. I keep meaning to take a trip to the library to grab some books to read for pleasure, but it's hard to find time to run small errands like that around this time of year.

Buying... this t-shirt (I got it on sale for only $8!), these socks, these earrings, and these pajamas (although these were actually an early Christmas present). Oh, and I bought 13 candles at Bath and Body Works the other day #noregrets

Wanting... a few things for Christmas! Click here to watch my Christmas wish list video! Also, i just stumbled upon these snowmen earrings - how adorable are they?

Listening... to alllll the Christmas music! Michael Buble is on repeat 24/7 at my house, and I've got my Spotify Christmas playlist queued up whenever I'm not at home! In fact, I'm listening to the Pentatonix' Christmas music as I write this :)

Here's to a great weekend filled with plenty of fun Christmas activities!

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