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How To Take Outfit Pictures In The Winter | Outfit Photo Inspiration

I always struggle with taking outfit pictures in the winter. In the summer, it's an easy task; bright flowers and vivid greenery make for the perfect backdrops. But what am I supposed to do when the green grass turns brown and the flowers start dying?

Architecture // Finding pretty buildings with stone or brick walls can be a great way to take pictures! There's an area in my town square that has a building with gorgeous stone walls and a small courtyard, and I took pictures at this church that has stone pillars and beautiful flowers a while back!

Brick Walls // I personally love the way red brick walls look, so I find myself taking quite a few photos in front of red brick walls. If you come across a pretty brick or stone wall (bonus points if it has a green vine on it!) take advantage of it & snap a few pictures!

Fall Leaves // If you live in a place that's a few weeks behind when it comes to seasons (like me... Texas is still around 70 degrees) the fall foliage may still be on the ground everywhere, creating a perfect backdrop for pictures!

Murals // I love taking pictures in front of colorful murals! Although I'm clearly wearing a summery dress in the picture above, murals are great to take pictures in front of during the winter (or any time of year!) I've only been to cool murals in Chicago and Austin, but I have a ton in Dallas that I want to visit (this list has some great ones for all my Dallas gals!)
Christmas // Obviously, you can't do this in January or February, but during December, load your Instagram theme up with pictures of you surrounded by festive decor! I always love creating a Christmas Instagram theme (follow me here) and it's a great way to take some creative photos! If you need any Christmas photo inspiration, I've got you covered :)

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Shopping // Lauren's outfit photos are great examples of how to do this! With so many cute storefronts and boutiques everywhere, it can be fun to snap a few pictures in front of your favorite local boutique. This is a great way to create a really white and bright Instagram theme!

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Snow // Living in Texas, I don't get a lot of opportunities to take winter-wonderland-eqsue pictures, but if you live in a colder climate, take advantage of a snow day and take some cute pictures of you in your cozy winter clothes!

I hope you found these tips helpful - if you have any other ideas + suggestions, let me know in a comment below!

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