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Life Lately Vol. 34

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a great Valentine's week - I know I did (I ate so many sweets that I feel like I might explode, and that was two days ago :)

My apologies for no post earlier this week - I'll be honest, I thought I was over this burnout, but I had no motivation to post anything again this week. I did post a couple times on Instagram, but I've had no time to go out and shoot outfits, so I wasn't able to get a post up earlier this week.

So I know I said I ate a ton of dessert on Valentine's Day, but I honestly had the biggest dessert fail. I had planned on making cake balls and brownies, but both kind of fell through. I made too much frosting when making the cake balls, so they became a sticky mess, and the brownies I made just turned out really weird.

However, I was still able to salvage the cake balls the next day by baking a second cake to add to the frosting mess, and they turned out really yummy! I used Sally's recipe, and I'm sure if you follow the recipe properly (unlike me!!) they'll turn out nicely. I'm actually so full right now because I just ate four of them, haha!

Here's a fun picture of me playing soccer because we're halfway through our season now! It's been so fun and I'm looking forward to a great rest of the season.

I also started watching This Is Us recently and while it's slightly confusing, it's sooooo good and I can't stop watching it. I got a minor version of the flu last week, and while I was only out of commission for two days, I spent a lot of time watching This Is Us (and Friends, too!)

My family went out to dinner the other night and grabbed gelato for dessert! I've actually never had gelato, but it was really good - like ice cream, but creamier!

That's pretty much it for now! I'm looking forward to a nice, long three-day weekend, and I hope you are too!

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