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Purple Suede Skirt

Ever since button-front skirts became a huge trend a year or so ago, I've been on the search for the perfect one. However, I've had a hard time finding one that fits me, until this gorgeous purple one showed up under the Christmas tree! My sweet grandparents bought it for me, and I absolutely love it - it's perfect for winter days that aren't too chilly.

I paired it with this simple cream sweater and this brass necklace that matches the skirt's buttons perfectly. To top everything off, I added my go-to riding boots.

It was slightly drizzling when my sister and I shot these pictures after church the other day, so we had to hurry, but I love how they turned out. I've been really wanting to branch out in my style and wear more than just jeans and a top, and a simple skirt like this one is the perfect way to do that.

I've linked some other button up skirts in the widget below - happy shopping!

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