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Galveston, Texas Travel Guide

If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen that I was in Galveston, Texas last week! My family and I road tripped down there in order to spend a few days at the beach and visit my grandparents (who live an hour away.) It was so much fun, and I'm so excited to be sharing my Galveston travel guide on the blog today. These are some of my favorite posts to write, so I hope you enjoy!

// SHOP //

Galveston Travel Guide // The Strand Galveston summer outfit urban outfitters
The Strand // This street is Galveston's historic district, home to some of the cutest beachy boutiques. Some of the best shops on this street are Tina's, Gracie's, Emboldened Elegance, and Tola-Mo Bettah Market (a great place for souvenirs!) Make sure you stop at La King's Confectionary for some candy and chocolates, too.

Galveston Travel Guide // The Strand Galveston umbrella mural striped top
Post Office Street // I personally preferred this street over The Strand, because I liked the boutiques better there. Make sure to stop in Style Co and ha.ba's, and head to Hey Mikey's for dessert! There's also tons of cute murals on this street - perfect for taking pictures.

Kitchen Chick // If you love cute dishes and kitchen accessories like I do, this place is for you. They have some of the cutest little kitchen knick-knacks. It's in a big blue building near the Strand - you can't miss it!

Peanut Butter Warehouse // This warehouse has small pop-ups from a bunch of different vendors. They have all sorts of cute clothes, accessories, home decor, and other little items.

// DO //

Galveston Travel Guide // Pleasure Pier
Pleasure Pier // This amusement park is built on a long pier extending into the ocean, so while you're on roller coasters and ferris wheels, you can look out and admire the waves crashing into the shore.

Galveston Travel Guide

Galveston Travel Guide
House Hunting // There are so many cute, quaint houses everywhere you look! They're all painted pink, blue, or yellow, and are absolutely adorable. My mom and I found one for sale and we're dying to move in! (even though it's $1 million haha). It's so fun to just drive around neighborhoods and admire all the houses.

Galveston Travel Guide  sisters on beach vacation

Galveston Travel Guide sisters on beach vacation
Beach //And of course, I think this goes without saying, but you really can't visit Galveston without going to the beach. Enough said. I've heard great things about Stewart Beach, but we honestly just parked at a random point along the seawall and went to the beach there.

// STAY //

Galveston Travel Guide tremont house boutique hotel
The Tremont House // This boutique hotel is one of my favorites I've ever stayed in. From the marble floors, to the palm trees in the lobby, to the spacious rooms (with amazing lighting, I might add), this is literally my dream hotel. It's located right next to The Strand, perfect if you're in the mood for some shopping. And just wait until you read about their giant cinnamon rolls...

The Galvez // We didn't stay here, but of course we had to pop in and see the lobby! It's a beautiful hotel, historic and classic - it reminded me a lot of The Breakers in Palm Beach. It's located right on the beach, too, which is great if you're planning on being at the beach a lot.

// EAT //

Galveston Travel Guide fisherman's wharf seafood shrimp queso
Fisherman's Wharf // This lively restaurant was my favorite one on the trip, and we almost didn't even go! We had planned to go somewhere else, but it was closed, so we headed here instead. The food is amazing - the shrimp queso is to die for, and you have to get their chocolate cake for dessert! The atmosphere is equally amazing - there's a large patio on the water, and the entire place is decked out in nautical decor.

Galveston Travel Guide mosquito cafe pancakes

Galveston Travel Guide mosquito cafe omlette
Mosquito Cafe // Despite the name, this is one of the best brunch spots in Galveston! Everything on the menu looked amazing, so my mom, sister, and I split three dishes three ways. We tried the veggie omelet, the pancakes (my personal fave) and the yogurt with granola.

Galveston Travel Guide hey mikey's ice cream
Hey Mikey's // I'd been craving ice cream on the entire trip, and I finally satisfied that craving on the last day when we went to Hey Mikey's after doing some shopping on Post Office Street. Their menu rotates daily, and it ranges from classics like chocolate to unique flavors like thin mint or biofreeze (all the flavors combined).

Galveston Travel Guide tremont house giant cinnamon roll breakfast
The Tremont House // When you stay at the Tremont House, you HAVE to get their giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They're literally as big as your face: gooey cinnamon rolls served straight from the oven topped with cream cheese icing. I'm craving one just thinking about them (and I don't even like cinnamon rolls)!

Galveston Travel Guide gaido's shrimp dinner
Gaido's // You can't go to Galveston without eating at this historic spot! This is the nicest restaurant on this list, and it's been around for over 100 years - my mom remembers coming here when she was little! Both their grilled shrimp and fried shrimp are incredible (oh, and they bring out the most amazing bread as an appetizer)!

Sunflower Bakery // We headed to this spot for lunch one day. They have good sandwiches (and french fries!!) but the best part is their bakery. We all got brownies, and they were so yummy!

Galveston Travel Guide olympia grill hummus
Olympia Grill // If you like Greek food, this place is for you! Their menu is a seafood-Greek hybrid, and as a lover of all things pita bread, I enjoyed eating here. My mom and I split an appetizer of pita bread and hummus, and shared a shrimp pita for dinner.

Galveston Travel Guide la king's confectionary
La King's Confectionary // If you're in the mood for a sweet treat, pop into La King's for some handmade candy. They have so many different kinds (I tried a red velvet truffle and a chocolate peanut butter cup), and they also have taffy pulls every few hours where you can watch them make taffy!

We also wanted to try Mama Teresa's Pizza, Willie G's, and Farley Girls Cafe, but we didn't have the time.

Let me know if you go to Galveston and try any of the places on this list - I'd love to hear all about it!

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