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My Favorite Amazon Finds (Part Two!)

Here on Blissfully Brooke, my post on my favorite Amazon finds is one of my most popular blog posts. I've since then discovered quite a few more gems on Amazon, so I thought I would share them with you today!

Catchphrase // The Curated Closet // Phone Charger // Keyboard Cover // Choker // Hand Mixer // Magnolia Table // Swimsuit // Highlighters // PopSocket // USB-C Converter // Lemonade // Cookie Sheets

In middle school, my yearbook class would play this game sometimes and it was always so fun. My family has it too, and we play it a lot - it always involves lots of laughter and competition!

This is a great book on how to modify your closet to tailor your style, and keep it organized and clean (still working on the organization part, whoops).

It's no secret that Apple phone chargers are horrible quality, so I love these Amazon chargers because they're a lot more sturdy and durable (plus they are cheaper!)

I always keep a keyboard cover on my laptop because I don't want the keys to get messed up.

This dainty gold disc choker has become a staple in my everyday jewelry repertoire!

My mom's 20-year-old hand mixer finally bit it, so we bought this new one and she loves it because of how lightweight it is.

Y'all know how much I love all things Chip and Jo... so of course I had to buy Joanna's cookbook! It has so many amazing recipes - my favorite is the chicken pot pie.

I wore this striped swimsuit here and I absolutely love it. From the colors to the cut to the price, it's perfect.

I ordered these highlighters for back to school and while they're just generic highlighters, they are great because you can by 12 for only $4.

I used to think PopSockets were stupid, but if you have a plus sized phone they are a must-have. This palm leaf one is the cutest EVER!

My laptop only has USB-C ports, so I bought this converter so I could easily import pictures from my memory card to my laptop.

This last item is a little random, but after trying Hubert's lemonade I guarantee you'll have a need to Prime a 12 pack asap.

I love Amazon's selection of cookware because it's durable and fairly cheap. Here you can buy three cookie sheets for $14.

Make sure you go check out part one for even more Amazon gems!

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