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Steal Her Style: Outfits Inspired By Mamma Mia 2

I have an exciting announcement: I have decided that I am moving to Greece, opening up a hotel, and speaking solely in ABBA lyrics from now on!

Totally kidding. But seriously... I watched Mamma Mia 2 last weekend and let me just say, I need to visit Greece asap. Sadly, a trip to Europe is not in the cards any time soon... so the next best thing is copying some of the outfits and eating my weight in baklava (just like I did at a Greek festival last year). Throughout the entire movie, I kept thinking how cute all the outfits were, so today I've rounded up some lookalike items so you can channel your inner dancing queen!

This statement piece was my favorite item in the entire movie. I've really been into stars lately, especially when they're on denim!

When I saw young Donna wearing this orange skirt while picking fruit, I was like, Okay. I need to do a blog post recreating these outfits. Flowy, bohemian skirts like these have been such a huge trend this past summer. I've included some orange ones and mustard ones, because I couldn't really tell which color the skirt was.


I was just thinking about how cute bell bottom jeans are, and then the three girls wore them in their iconic performance of "Here We Go Again!" I love how their jeans had ruffles on the bottoms too: it was such a fun twist on bell bottoms. (Also I found two pairs on Etsy (here and here) but I couldn't include them in the widget.


It's no secret that overalls have been a huge trend this summer. Floral prints and mustard yellow hues have also been quite popular, so I love how the casual, tomboyish vibe of the overalls is contrasted with the girly floral top.


This flowy embroidered dress screams Greek Islands!! to me. I don't know why, but I feel like the colors and the embroidery are perfect if you're escaping to Greece.

Somehow Sophie made a striped ruana look completely cute and stylish. When I saw her outfit, my mind immediately went to Francesca's, because they always have lots of cute ponchos and kimonos.

If you liked this post, I also did a post on Rachel Green's style a while back! Go check that out here.

Have you seen Mamma Mia yet? Let's talk about it in the comments below! What was your favorite outfit/scene/song in the movie? I loved when they performed "Here We Go Again" in the bar!

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