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Currently Vol. 16 + A Few Of My Favorite Black Friday Sales

Happy Friday! This week has been such a good one; a much-needed break from school has me feeling relaxed and refreshed. That, paired with Thanksgiving food and the Christmas spirit in the air, has me in such a good mood!

Reading... Things Fall Apart... we are reading it in English and it's extremely boring but hey, at least I'm reading something!

Eating... alllllll the Thanksgiving food. I'm not one for turkey but give me stuffing, sweet potatoes, and pie, and I'll be there. I've been in a food coma since approximately 4pm yesterday :)


Wanting... see my Christmas wishlist here ;) my mom and I are also desperately hoping to find a great deal on a KitchenAid mixer today but we haven't had any luck yet.

Buying... I bought a bunch of Christmas gifts (getting my shopping done early this year!!) but I can't tell you in case the recipients are reading this! I did purchase these pig slippers and this sherpa vest for myself, though.

Watching... nothing, just YouTube. I'm all caught up with Riverdale, I finished Friends, and I am waiting for the entire season of This Is Us to end so I can get a free trial of Hulu and binge watch it all. I tried watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but it was just too sci-fi for me... any good show recommendations?

Loving... the fact that I've gotten to sleep in every day this week. Oh, how that will change next week when I have to start arriving at school at 7:30 for soccer practice...

Wearing... it's teddy bear coat season! I broke out my giant jacket for the first time last weekend, and it made me feel so warm and happy. Here's a bunch of similar ones:

On the blog recently... a warm + cozy gift guide, the best boutiques in Dallas, gifts for your sister, and 100 things I'm thankful for! Are you all caught up?

I'm planning on spending the last day of Thanksgiving Break by going Black Friday shopping with my friends in the morning, and later in the day with my grandma - it should be so fun! Any items you're hoping to score today? I'm not going ham on sharing Black Friday sales but I have included some of my favorite items on sale in the widget below. Happy shopping!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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