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Life Lately Vol. 44

Happy Friday, friends! Just a warning: this post is going to be really sporadic and all over the place... but those posts are usually the best kind! :) Grab a cup of coffee and keep reading to see what's been going on lately + some housekeeping I need to discuss with you!

My school's annual Color Run was last weekend. This year was my second year going and I loved getting to spend time with my friends + throw colored powder everywhere :)

Last week was Spirit Week at my school and my favorite day by far was Vine Day... my friend Ryleigh and I dressed up as not one, but two Vines (be careful chirren that's a lot of sodium, and what are those?!) because we're that extra!

At the end of October my family and I went down to Waco for the weekend to visit the Silos and meet up with my grandparents, who were referring the Iron Man Triathlon! It was such a fun weekend (see some more snapshots here).

On the agenda for this weekend: my final soccer game of the season, my stepdad's birthday (we're making this cake for him!) and lots and lots of coffee. One more week before Thanksgiving Break... we are almost there!

ALSO!! One last thing before you click out of this post - go leave a comment below letting me know your favorite gifts you've ever gotten/received, and what you're asking for this year! My holiday gift guide series starts next week, and I am putting together a gift guide of readers' picks... so let me know what you want me to include!

Have a great weekend!

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