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Life Lately Vol. 46

Welcome to the last Friday post of 2018!! It's so cliche, but this year really has gone by insanely fast. It's been such a good one (stay tuned for a recap post next week) and I am so excited for everything that 2019 has in store! This past month has been especially great; it's hard to be sad when it's Christmastime!
I'm not sure how obvious this is to you as a reader, but I feel like I've been really disconnected lately. For the past month, I've been posting daily on YouTube and because of that, this blog has shifted to the back burner. I was still able to create posts regularly, but I just felt like I wasn't as engaged with blogging as I should've been and my posts were not as good as they could've been. Now that Vlogmas is over and I'm going back to my normal schedule, I am excited to be more present here on the blog! It is definitely hard to be consistent across the board at all times: between my Instagram, blog, and YouTube, something is always slacking and I try the best I can to balance them, but it's really hard to be on top of all three during the school year.

Not really sure where that is going... just wanted to get that out there :)

Now, onto the fun stuff!

I have done so much baking (and even more eating) during the past month and I feel like I might explode... hopefully I can get back to a healthier diet in the new year (but then again, I just got this cookbook for Christmas, so we'll see.) That statement is very prominent in this post: almost every point I am touching on has to do with food. What can I say... I really love food :)

I hosted a Christmas cookie exchange a couple weeks ago, and all my friends each brought a batch of cookies to share. I really enjoyed getting to catch up with everyone and eat my body weight in cookies.

My best friends and I went to brunch a couple weeks ago and did a Christmas gift exchange! It was so much fun and the food was soooo good (we went to The Thirsty Lion, and I highly recommend the chicken & waffles.)

Two days later, we met up again to attempt to recreate Buzzfeed Tasty's iconic fudgy brownie recipe. I am proud to report that we successfully made the brownies, and they are probably the best I've ever had.

I went with my dad a couple weeks ago to go to Enchant Christmas, a giant Christmas lights maze + exhibit that has all sorts of cool Christmas lights and decorations! It was so fun and festive, and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

I didn't get out of school for winter break until the Friday before Christmas, so my family and I tried to cram as many festive activities as possible into the one weekend we had left. We went shopping in our town's historic district, shopping at The Shops at Legacy in Plano (featuring Sprinkles Cupcakes for dessert!), and drove around to look at Christmas lights.

We finished the season off with a traditional Christmas: a candlelit church service, an elaborate dinner, opening presents, and just a bunch of happiness! Christmas Day is truly my favorite day of the year - only 362 more days until it comes again :)

One last thing:  I would love it if you would take this reader survey to let me know how I can improve in 2019! Looking forward to a great year!

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