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Currently Vol. 24

1 week of school is officially down! It's been a pretty stressful adjustment going from summer to taking 7 AP classes but I feel like it's going to be a great year! I have a lot of great people in my classes and it's been a pretty good week.

from the first day of school!!

Reading... Girl, Stop Apologizing & The Summer That Made Us. I'm going to do a blog post next week on all the books I read this summer, so stay tuned!

Summer 2019 Snapshots

As I sit here and write this on the Saturday night before I start school, it's crazy to me that summer is already over. These past three months have been such a blur and I am so sad that summer is coming to an end. However, as they say... don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite pictures + memories from what I might consider to be the best summer yet.

started summer off with a trip to shake shack aka my fave place

Life Lately Vol. 55

School starts on Monday and that is absolutely crazy to me. I've been trying my hardest to soak in these last few days of summer before I'm piled with homework and the weather starts to cool down. It still feels unreal to me that summer has already come and gone, but it makes sense that it went by so fast when I look back at everything I did. They say time flies when you're having fun, and I feel like that was definitely the theme of this summer.

In my last life lately post, I was about to hop on a plane to Florida! It is crazy to me that this trip was over a month ago. My dad, sister, and I spent a few days in Orlando - we went to Magic Kingdom & Epcot - then a couple days in Clearwater. See my post all about it here!

What's In My Shopping Cart Vol. 3

Welcome to another edition of What's In My Shopping Cart! Back To School season is upon us, which means lots of shopping! I've been seeing tons of cute items recently, so today I'm sharing some of my favorites with y'all!

12 Things Vol. 15

baking: the best way to spend your Friday
Happy Friday! It's been a while since I've written one of these posts, but today I'm sharing twelve random things that have been on my mind recently - enjoy!

1. It's crazy to me that we only have one week of summer left. I seriously don't know where the past two months have gone!

A Trip To Galveston // What I Ate, Did, & Saw

bikini top // bottoms // sunglasses
If you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen that I spent last week soaking up the sunshine in Galveston, Texas! My family and I took a trip down to the beach last week and it was so much fun! This was our second year in a row that we visited the island, and it was really nice because we already had a feel for the town and we knew what we wanted to do. We basically copied the itinerary from last time (click here to see what we did last year!) and it was such a fun trip!

Florida Snapshots // A Trip To Disney World + Clearwater

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I spent all of last week having fun in the sunshine state! My dad, sister, and I went to Disney World for a couple days, then drove to Clearwater to spend some time at the beach!

I'm super Type A and typically I'm that person who makes a Google Doc with a detailed itinerary of where to go, what to eat, etc, but this time... I just kind of went with the flow, and it was kind of nice. It's probably the first vacation I've been on since I was twelve where I didn't have a laid-out plan of what we were doing, and it made for such a fun, spontaneous trip. This post is going to reflect that in a way - typically my travel posts are super organized into categories or a day-by-day recap, but in this post I'm just going to share some of my highlights from the trip! Enjoy!

Currently Vol. 23

Happy Friday!! It's been a while since I've published one of these posts - my posting schedule has been all kinds of crazy lately, but hopefully I can get on a normal schedule in these last few weeks of summer. Today I'm sharing some things I'm currently loving - grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

Wearing... these earrings I'm wearing above! They are from James Avery and I am so obsessed with them. I've always loved the look of hoops but I have sensitive ears so I've never been able to wear them. These, however, are really lightweight and they don't hurt my ears at all! I love how versatile they are - I've been wearing them constantly.

An All White Outfit In Celebration, Florida

I spent all of last week in Florida, and it was so much fun! Today I'm sharing my favorite outfit that I wore on the trip! I wore this outfit while exploring the quaint Disney-owned town of Celebration. It is the cutest town ever, complete with a beautiful lake and colorful buildings.

Top (under $15 and comes in three colors) // Shorts (sold out in white, similar here) // Choker // Sunglasses // Sandals

15 Trader Joe's Products You Need To Try

I don't even know how to begin this blog post. It's one that I've been wanting to write for a while now, and I feel it's long overdue, but I have so much to cover and I want to do this post justice, so it's been so hard for me to write. However, today I am finally here to share all of my favorite Trader Joe's products with the world!

It's no secret that I love Trader Joe's. One of my favorite things to do after school or on weekends is to go grocery shopping at TJ's. I'm not kidding. I can't put into words how much I love TJ's, and over the years, I've stumbled across some amazing items there that I think the world should know about. I think Danielle Carolan said it best: Trader Joe's is one of those places where they have really cool products but you need to have recommendations on what to get. I consider myself to be somewhat of a Trader Joe's connoisseur, so today I've rounded up all of my favorite products and I am so excited to share them with you guys!

Had to kick off this post with my all time favorite product at TJ's! I used to be one of those people that would pass up vanilla cake because, let's be honest, it's not that exciting. Why have vanilla when you can have chocolate?! And then... I tried Trader Joe's vanilla cake mix. It's so simple, but so perfect and flavorful: the cake is moist, yet light and fluffy, and has the richest vanilla bean flavor. There is no doubt in my mind that I could eat an entire cake made with this mix.

Life Lately Vol. 54

Happy Friday! I leave on Sunday for Disney, and I am so excited. It's been a crazy week of preparing + crossing things off the to-do list, and I am looking forward to a nice long week of park-hopping and relaxing on the beach.

My dad, sister, and I spent last weekend in Horseshoe Bay. We stayed at a friend's lake house on Lake LBJ, and it was so much fun! We spent the whole weekend jetskiing, paddleboarding, tubing, and relaxing!

12 Things Vol. 14

Happy Sunday! Today I'm back with another 12 things post - grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

1. It feels good to be back blogging! I took a couple weeks off because I honestly didn't have any outfits to photograph/ideas of posts to write, but I'm back now and I have so many exciting posts planned!

4th Of July Clothing Picks 2019

Spontaneous post today! I haven't written a blog post in what seems like forever, but today I thought I would pop in and share some patriotic clothes that would be perfect for the 4th of July! I shot a bunch of content this weekend, so expect a really exciting post on Wednesday!

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (I say that about every holiday, though). From parades, to the food, to the fireworks, it's such a fun-filled day and I love celebrating it with my family. We do the same things year after year, and it is always one of the best days of the summer. Of course, you can't celebrate the 4th without being dressed head to toe in patriotic colors, so today I'm giving you tons of inspiration as to what to wear next Thursday!

Life Lately Vol. 53

It's finally summer!! My last day of school was this past Wednesday, and as much as I enjoyed sophomore year, I am so glad to be done with it. This past month has been a crazy busy one - we've had no homework in school and since my friends have their licenses, we've been hanging out nonstop!

top // similar skirt
For Mother's Day, we went to Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth. We did a little shopping, then ate dinner at La Zona, a Spanish pizza place with the cutest atmosphere.

Cute Pool Floats You Need For Summer

I think by this point, we've established that I love pool floats. It's just not summer if you don't have at least three giant inflatable pieces of food in your pool! Now that summer is officially here, I thought today I would round up some of my favorite pool floats I've seen this year - enjoy!

My dad says we don't need any more pool floats (because he's the one who has to inflate them, haha) but I reeeeaaally want this hot dog and cactus! I think that Target clearly wins this year when it comes to having a great selection - they have so many cute + funny options.

Which one is your favorite?

12 Things Vol. 13

my mood during this looooong last week of school
Happy Friday! We are so close to summer that I can practically taste it, and let me tell you... I am more than ready. AP season flew by so quickly, and now it's smooth sailing until the last day of school!

Five Summer Fashion Trends I'm Loving

Smocked Tops // If you saw my What's In My Shopping Cart post last week, I'm sure you saw this coming! I have been loving smocked tops lately; they are so cute and effortless, and they can be styled so many different ways: with a skirt, jeans, flowy pants... the possibilities are endless.

What's In My Shopping Cart Vol. 2

I've decided to make these What's In My Shopping Cart posts a recurring series here on Blissfully Brooke... because let's be honest, I do a lot of online shopping! Summer is rapidly approaching, and with summer comes lots of cute new trends!

Life Lately Vol. 52

Happy Friday! Today I'm back with another edition of Life Lately, where I share what's been happening in my life during the past few weeks. It has been a while since I've written one of these, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

shop my shirt here
Easter was so much fun! My mom got a crepe maker for her birthday, so for brunch we made crepes filled with caramel, nutella, and fresh strawberries. They were to die for! We then went to our local botanical gardens and walked around (the weather was so nice) and came home and made the best coconut cake ever! It was such a fun day!

Red + Lace | The Perfect Banquet Dress

If you've been keeping up with my Currently and 12 Things posts, you might be familiar with my long journey of finding a dress for my soccer banquet. I've been looking for a dress since March, and it took me a month and a half to finally find the perfect dress!

Easter Dress 2019 Roundup

When I think Easter dresses, I think girly pastels, floral patterns, and lace. Dresses that are elegant and classy, yet flowy and not super formal. To me, Easter dresses embody all things spring, hence why I love shopping for them! Today I have rounded up a bunch of the prettiest Easter dresses I can find - enjoy!

My family keeps it pretty casual on Easter, so I think I'm going to wear this floral tee and the pants I featured here (talk about a throwback)! For shoes, I just discovered these simple sandals and I think I might have to purchase them.

12 Things Vol. 12

Happy Friday! This week actually went by pretty quickly... but don't get me wrong, I am so happy for the weekend. My homework load has been pretty light because the school year is beginning to wind down, but my plate has been filled with so many other activities like soccer and refereeing. Since it's nice out now, my friends and I also go walk to get food after school sometimes - this week we got froyo!

1. Lattes have become my new obsession recently. I always get a caramel latte with almond milk, and I've been drinking them everywhere I go lately... it's a problem.

2. I have yet to order a banquet dress but I found this one and I'm leaning towards getting it!

3. I am not at all the type of girl to spend money on things like nails, spray tans, etc... but lately I've had the biggest desire to go get my nails done and I don't know why. I'm compensating by using this gel topcoat when I paint my nails - it makes them look so smooth and shiny.

4. I thought this article about influencers doing fake sponsored posts was really interesting and worth the read.

5. A new shake place opened near me and I am dying to go!!

6. Speaking of dying to do things, I am so so close to getting my driver's license and I cannot wait.

7. I added a bunch of items to my Poshmark recently - check them out here!

8. I made these lemon blueberry cheesecake bars the other day and they were so good.

9. I filmed and edited a YouTube video earlier this week but it got blocked because of copyrighted music! Now I have to find all new music and re-upload it (and finding music is the hardest part lol).

10. I love any excuse for a celebration, so I'm super excited for Easter! I keep researching recipes but I have no idea what to make. I think my mom and I are doing a coconut bundt cake for dessert, though!

11. It got to 80 degrees here yesterday and that makes me oh so happy because I am beyond ready for summer! We still have quite a ways to go but I'm counting down the days :)

12. I updated my blog post on Rachel Green's outfits with new clothing items that are in stock! It's one of my most popular posts, and you should definitely check it out.

Have a good weekend!!

Trend Alert: Seeing Snakeskin

Snakeskin has been everywhere recently. I'm sure you've seen it all over Instagram, in magazines, at boutiques... everywhere. At first I was not a fan of it, but it's grown on me tremendously! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite snakeskin-printed items that I've seen around the internet lately - happy shopping!

I currently have this bikini and this bikini in my shopping cart. I obviously don't need both, but I can't decide which one! I also really want these pants!

Which of these items is your favorite? Are you a fan of snakeskin?

Life Lately Vol. 50

This week has been the longest week of my life. I don't know why, but it's dragged on and on... I'm so thankful it's coming to an end. My job as a referee has started back up, I have AP World History review sessions every day after school, teachers are stockpiling quizzes on me, and I'm having to schedule my classes for next year - and all of this has left me feeling exhausted.

All in all, it's been a great past few weeks, though. Between Spring Break travel, new restaurants, and lots of soccer, I really don't have that much to complain about!

top // scrunchie
All the trees and flowers in my neighborhood are blooming, which makes me so happy because it means it's the beginning of spring! The weather here has been so nice and I love just sitting outside with some lemonade and soaking in the sunshine. Also, I shot this picture in collaboration with American Eagle... so that's pretty cool :)

A Long Weekend In Durango, Colorado

Welcome to the weirdest, most spontaneous trip I've ever been on.

If you've been reading my most recent posts, you'll know that I spent the first half of spring break touring the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. We got back from that trip on Wednesday night, and I was supposed to fly out to Denver that night with my dad and sister so we could go skiing at Breckenridge. Our flight got cancelled due to snowstorms, however, so we had to resort to plan B. I don't remember what plan B was (I think it involved us driving and leaving at 4 am on Thursday) but it failed. So did plans C, D, E, F, and G.

And then came along plan H.

Travel Guide To Fayetteville & Fort Smith | Where To Eat, Shop, & Explore in Arkansas

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I spent a few days last week in Arkansas, exploring Fayetteville and touring the University of Arkansas. I had so much fun and I discovered so many good places to eat, shop, and explore, so today I'm coming at you with a fun-filled travel guide to Fort Smith and Fayetteville. The drive from Dallas is pretty long, so we drove to Fort Smith the first day, spent the night there, drove up to Fayetteville and stayed for two nights, then spent another night in Fort Smith before heading back to Dallas. Our trip was jam-packed with so many fun adventures, and I can't wait to share them with you!


jacket c/o // tee // scrunchie
Fort Smith Coffee Co // This place!!! The coffee is so good, but I really love their pastries (my mom and I split a delicious chocolate chip scone) and they also have the cutest atmosphere.

Currently Vol. 20

blissfully brooke durango colorado

Coming at you LIVE from Durango, Colorado!! I mentioned last week that I was spending the second half of Spring Break skiing in Colorado. I was supposed to go to Keystone, but our flight to Denver got cancelled and it was looking like we weren't going, until the airline told us we could switch our flight to another airport... so we did a 180 and are now in Durango. It's been a crazy turn of events, but I'm excited to be skiing for the first time in two years.

12 Things Vol. 11

Happy Saturday!! Currently sipping on a cup of coffee while writing this post. I'm so excited right now because I leave today to go on such a fun trip!

another soccer picture... what's new
1. I'm so glad it's Spring Break! I'm going to tour the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and it's going to be so much fun!

2. Once I come back from Arkansas, I'm going to turn right around and hop on a plane to Colorado to go skiing. It's going to be perfect ski weather!

Achieving Perfect Skin With Michael Todd Beauty

I'm so excited to be working with Michael Todd Beauty today to bring you a review of their Soniclear Cleansing Brush! I just started using this brush as part of my skincare routine, and I honestly have nothing but great things to say about it. Today I'm going to be sharing my skincare routine with y'all, and telling you why I love the Soniclear!

Life Lately Vol. 49

What a week. I've been going nonstop: I had college information meetings on Monday and Wednesday, a soccer game Tuesday (and another one tonight!), and yesterday was Valentine's Day. I'm excited for this weekend so I can sleep in and relax!

Last night was Valentine's Day, and last night my life was changed. I made these brownies by Sally's Baking Addiction, and they are the holy grail of brownies. I've finally found the perfect brownie recipe... and the crazy thing is, the recipe is incredibly easy and doesn't use any cocoa powder.

Treat Yourself: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I love Valentine's Day. I feel like it gets a bad reputation because everyone complains about being single, but it's always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe that's because I always have a girls' night with my mom and sisters and we bake brownies?

Regardless, I feel like Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to buy something small for your friends, mom, or sister to show them how much you love them... but it's also the perfect excuse for you to treat yourself! Today I'm sharing a bunch of pink items that you have to buy... because trust me, you deserve it :)

Currently Vol. 19

Happy Saturday!! Currently writing this while sipping on a cup of coffee and listening to The Morning Toast... could it get any better than this? Today I'm sharing some things I've been loving as of the past few weeks - enjoy!

from last night's soccer game... it's crazy to me that our season is already halfway over :(

Wanting... all of the items in my shopping cart! See them here.

Eating... I've been on the hunt to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I baked the traditional Nestle Toll House recipe last week, but now, I want to try changing the ratios of the ingredients to get the cookies more to my liking.

12 Things Vol. 10

What a week. Everyone in my house has been sick with the flu all week but I've somehow managed to avoid it (thank gosh). It's been a pretty low energy past few days... the highlight of my weekend was going to Whole Foods. I'm glad that it's finally Friday and everyone is starting to feel a bit better - here's to a much needed weekend!

1. I have a precal test today and for whatever reason I've been stressing about it all week. Math is normally pretty easy for me but I've just been so nervous about this one.

What's In My Shopping Cart

Last Friday, I talked about how I was feeling kind of uninspired and unmotivated to take pictures. Part of that stems from the fact that I have no new clothes to photograph, so I thought I would share some items that have been in my shopping cart as the spring approaches!

I think this cropped blush sweatshirt would be so cute with my denim skirt and pink Vans.

Life Lately Vol. 48

Here we are, 25 days into 2019, and I'm only just now posting my first Life Lately of the year!! Not quite sure how that's possible, considering January has been sooo long (it's crazy to me how it's only January 25th.) Today I'm sharing a bunch of snapshots from the past month and updating y'all on everything that's been going on... enjoy!

So I'll be honest... January is probably my least favorite month of the year. It's cold, everything is dead outside, Christmas is over, school starts back up... all in all, it's just kind of depressing. I've actually had a decent couple of weeks, but they've been very uneventful and I haven't taken any pictures. I hate not taking pictures because it means I have no content on Instagram, but for the past couple weeks I've been kind of uninspired. Can spring please hurry up and get here??

Hopefully that can explain why pretty much every single picture I've taken in the past month has to do with food, whoops...

I rang in the new year by celebrating with some of my best friends! It was a nice, laidback night and I loved getting to catch up with them!

Currently Vol. 18

This past week has been absolutely jam packed. I've had two soccer games so far (plus a third one today and a fourth one tomorrow!), a DECA competition (I'm going to state!!), and loads of homework. I am so thankful that the three-day weekend is upon us... time to sleep in, eat some good food, and catch up on everything!

wishing i was at a coffee shop instead of school right now

Room Redecoration Inspiration

For the past year or so, I've been toying with the idea of redecorating my room. I like my room now; however, I've had the same bedspread and color scheme since third grade and it's just not "me" anymore. Third grade me was into bright turquoise everything, fifth grade me loved making DIY room decor, seventh grade me was obsessed with monograms and Lilly Pulitzer everything, and all of those phases are definitely evident in my room. Tenth grade me is ready for something more simple, neutral, and sophisticated, and for the past year I've been keeping an eye out for home decor items I like. Today I'm sharing a mood board of all of the items I like, in case any of y'all are in the same boat as me or just like looking at home decor!

My 2019 Mantra // "I Get To"

I get to.

In today's world, there are so many things that we take for granted, and so many things that we assume as part of our daily mundane routine. We complain about doing these things, and we neglect the fact that we should be grateful that we get to do these things.

12 Things Vol. 9

Happy Friday! Today I'm back with another 12 things post - the first one of the year! I love these posts because I get to ramble and just share what's on my mind, and today's post is no exception - it's all over the place (but then again, when are my 12 things posts not all over the place??)

1. It's currently raining as I'm writing this and I'm so mad because if it was literally two degrees colder it would be snowing :(

2. I was sitting down and trying to plan content for the next month, and I have no idea what blog posts to write! What do you guys want to see?

2019 Goals + A 2018 Reflection

spinning into 2019 like...
New year, new me... or something like that, right??

It's that time of year again... everyone is setting goals for 2019 and reflecting on 2018, so I thought I might join in on the fun! Every year, I share a list of goals that I hope to accomplish, but this year I thought it would be fun to look back on last year's goals, too.