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Swimsuits Under $50 Roundup

I know what you're thinking.

Brooke, it's still February. It's freezing outside. Why on earth are you sharing swimsuits with us now?

Allow me to let you in on a little secret.

Now is the time to get your swimsuit shopping done. It's so much better to go and get a head start on swimsuit shopping than to wait until two days before you're going on a beach vacation and you have no swimsuits. Believe me; I speak from experience.

It's good to start your swimsuit shopping early, because that way, you have a better selection (ever been to Target in mid-May and realized that their swimsuit selection is already incredibly picked over? Yeah, me too. Trust me... the cutest swimsuits start selling out around March!) and you have plenty of time to find a swimsuit that you love (because let's be real. Swimsuit shopping is not exactly easy.) Today I'm sharing a bunch of swimsuits that are not only incredibly cute + flattering, but they're all under $50, because nobody wants to drop $200 on a swimsuit.

Which swimsuit is your favorite? I am thinking about buying the yellow knotted top!

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