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Life Lately Vol. 50

This week has been the longest week of my life. I don't know why, but it's dragged on and on... I'm so thankful it's coming to an end. My job as a referee has started back up, I have AP World History review sessions every day after school, teachers are stockpiling quizzes on me, and I'm having to schedule my classes for next year - and all of this has left me feeling exhausted.

All in all, it's been a great past few weeks, though. Between Spring Break travel, new restaurants, and lots of soccer, I really don't have that much to complain about!

top // scrunchie
All the trees and flowers in my neighborhood are blooming, which makes me so happy because it means it's the beginning of spring! The weather here has been so nice and I love just sitting outside with some lemonade and soaking in the sunshine. Also, I shot this picture in collaboration with American Eagle... so that's pretty cool :)
I've been wanting to try this souffle place in Dallas for the longest time, and I finally got around to going! It's called Rise and it's so good. Their souffles seem light but are deceptively rich in the best way possible. I recommend the mushroom souffle, and the pecan praline one for dessert!

The last school soccer mirror selfie of the year... our season has finally come to a close and I'm so sad about it. It was such an amazing season and I'm so proud of how we grew as a team.

Spring Break!! I started off the week by driving up to Fayetteville, Arkansas with my family to tour the University of Arkansas. It was such a fun-filled few days and I definitely fell in love with Fayetteville. Click here to read all about where I went, ate, and shopped.

For the second part of spring break, I went to Durango with my dad and sister to go skiing in Purgatory. I hadn't been skiing in a couple years, and the trip left me exhausted in the best way possible. Click here to read all about the whirlwind of a weekend.

On the agenda for this weekend... 
- I'm trying a new local Mexican restaurant tonight and a new pizza place on Saturday.
- Tomorrow is opening day for my rec soccer season and I'm so excited! We're going to have a tough first game but it's going to be a good one! I'm also reffing a couple games, so I'm going to be pretty exhausted.
- On Sunday my dad and I are going to Topgolf. I've never been before but I'm so excited.
- I'm going to try to edit and upload a YouTube video because I haven't posted in forever!

Have a great weekend!

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