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Currently Vol. 21

Long time, no blog post!! I've honestly just been out of ideas for blog posts... so I haven't published any in a couple of weeks. However, I'm back today with another edition of Currently.

Wearing... these cute turtle earrings from James Avery, + my favorite James Avery rings! I absolutely love their jewelry and I wear it every day!
Loving... the fact that a lot of my classes are winding down and it's been a pretty chill couple of weeks with little homework.

Listening... to Khalid's new album! So so good.

Watching... nothing.  My mom and I are finally caught up to This Is Us, so we're in between shows right now. Any suggestions?

Buying... I finally got a banquet dress - and thank gosh, because my banquet is tomorrow. I also got shoes to go with it! I'm not sharing any links because I really want to shoot pictures & make an outfit post about it.

Wanting... these shorts and this bikini.

Eating... so much cake. For my mom's birthday, we had two kinds of cake, then we made the best coconut cake for Easter, Ashley gave me some of this delicious lemon cake she made for Easter, and then last night, my dad brought home some cake he got at work. So I've gotten my fair share of cake lately :)

On my calendar for this weekend... a soccer game tomorrow, plus my banquet! Also, I don't have to be at school until 9 this morning, so my mom and I are going to go grab breakfast!

Have a great weekend!

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