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Eats Lately Vol. 1

I always joke about how I should just turn my Life Lately posts into a food series because usually, 99% of the posts revolve around food. And honestly... I don't even put all the pictures of food into my Life Lately posts. I usually just pick a couple favorites so y'all don't get bored of food.

But... a couple weeks ago I had the great idea to make a new series where I literally just show a bunch of pictures of food. If you know me, you know I love food, so I thought this would be a great way to show you guys all of the restaurants I love + things I cook!

Ever since Ashley introduced me to Buon Giorno, I've been hooked. It is the cutest little coffee shop (and they have the best almond croissants!) I've gotten their iced coffee every time I've gone since it's been so hot outside, but in this picture I went with my mom and she got their latte, which looked amazing.

If you go to Menchie's on Wednesdays you can get free waffle cones! Also I clearly really like cookie dough haha

Gnocchi at my favorite Italian restaurant, Caffe Loveria. This was actually my sister's, but her dish was more photogenic than mine. They have the best housemade tomato sauce - it's so fresh and flavorful!!

Occasionally I eat something healthy... this is my favorite salad at Modern Market! It has leafy greens, carrots, almonds, quinoa, and my favorite granola ever: Purely Elizabeth!

 On the last weekend of summer, my mom and I always go to our favorite Mexican restaurant: Mi Cocina! I get their sunset enchiladas, which are covered in spicy queso and filled with chicken + spinach.

Oreo pancakes at Benny's! Seriously some of the best pancakes I've ever had... and they're so pretty too!

Chicken and waffles is my favorite meal, so when I saw this chicken&waffles casserole from Delish I wanted to make it ASAP! It is super simple - just bake toaster waffles and chicken tenders, tear them up, and add some eggs and maple syrup! So good.

For my sister's birthday, I made these brownies and they were a huge hit in my family! You start out with a brownie mix (I use Duncan Hines) and then add crushed oreos to the batter. After you bake the brownies, you top them with melted Hershey's cookies & cream bars and pop the brownies in the freezer to harden!

I feel like after writing this post, I need a little disclaimer to tell y'all that I eat pretty healthy the majority of the time. Most of my meals at home are healthy... I just eat out a lot haha.

Any good places in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that I should try? Leave your recommendations in a comment below!

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