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12 Things Vol. 16

Happy Friday! This post was supposed to go up last week but I was so busy that I honestly just forgot, but I'm back today with another 12 things post! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

1. Football season is upon us! I'm definitely not a huge fan (or a fan at all) but I went to the first home game of the season last weekend and it was actually pretty fun (even though I left during the third quarter lol).
2. Last weekend was full of fun birthday celebrations, and then my actual birthday was on Monday! I have so many fun pictures to share with y'all in my next Life Lately post.

3. What blog posts/youtube videos do y'all want to see? Comment any requests below!

4. I'm already on season 5 of Gossip Girl! I always watch it when I clean my room but now I just watch it to procrastinate doing homework whoops.

5. I really want to do a collage wall above my desk (like Tezza's) but they are so expensive to make no matter how you do them! I was looking at ordering prints from Shutterfly but it would've totaled to be around $80 because I want 8x10's. Please help me if you know of a cheap way to do it!

6. So far AP Calculus and AP US History have been my hardest classes. I'm loving AP Spanish and AP Studio Art though!!

7. Now that summer is officially over I'm ready for all things fall! I can't wait for Trader Joe's to get all of their new pumpkin things in!

8. My grandparents are coming this weekend and I am so excited to see them!

9. How cute is this oversized sweatshirt?! I am waiting for it to go on sale so I can snatch it!

10. I have so many fun photo ideas and I am feeling so inspired to create Instagram pictures right now! It's just a matter of finding time to actually go on photoshoots haha.

11. We've had two soccer games so far! We lost both of them but I honestly don't care because I just love getting out there and playing.

12. On the blog lately: the best birthday freebies & my fave tie dye clothing items

Have a great weekend!!

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