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Life Lately Vol. 56

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing another Life Lately post; grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

It's crazy that we've been in school for a month now! It's definitely been a long, stressful month, but all things considered, it's been a pretty good one! This picture was taken on the first day of school (check out my first day of school vlog here).

In honor of making it through the first week of school, Eleanor & I went to go get brunch at Breadwinners! They have the best cake ever (highly recommend the mocha crunch cake).

On Labor Day, we went to the cutest coffee shop in Fort Worth - Dwell Coffee + Biscuits! They sell tons of warm, flaky biscuits - I got a biscuit with strawberry jam and a caramel latte. We did some shopping, and then stopped at Melt Ice Creams (the best ice cream EVER!). I got their cookie crack ice cream in a waffle cone!

Friday night lights are back!!! I'm definitely not a huge football fan but I went to our first home game and it was a lot of fun. I definitely want to try to go to the majority of our home games this year.

my face when the candle almost caught my hair on fire
A couple pics from my 17th birthday party!! I had a bunch of my friends come over to my house for fajitas and cake. It was so good to get to see everyone (a lot of my friends go to a different high school than me, so I don't get to see them that often).

similar t-shirt // jeans // espadrilles
And now a pic from my actual birthday! My birthday was on Monday, September 9, and it was such a good day. Check out my birthday vlog here!

Last weekend, my grandparents drove up from Houston to celebrate my grandma's birthday! We went shopping, went to dinner, and ate lots of cake! It was such a great weekend!

And now that brings me here... it's currently Friday morning as I finish this up and I'm excited about the weekend ahead of me! I have Monday off so it's going to be a great long weekend!

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