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What's In My Shopping Cart Vol. 4

Long time no blog post! I've been going through somewhat of a creative rut because I don't have any outfits to take pictures of right now. I have a couple fun ideas for photoshoots-- for example, I want to do a photoshoot at the pumpkin patch soon, but I don't have anything to wear, so I thought today I would share some of the items in my shopping cart in order to give y'all some fall fashion inspiration!

I love wearing oversized t-shirts with ripped jeans... and how fun is this The Office themed one?!

Someone I follow on Instagram shared these lounge pants, and they look so comfy! The first cold front hit Texas last weekend, and I realized that I don't really have any good pajama/lounge pants. They also come in a jogger style and you can get a matching sweatshirt.

I need a good simple pair of jeans, and I really like the ones I've seen at Old Navy. I want to go try a bunch on in store and get a couple new pairs! They're having a 50% off sale right now, which is such a good deal.

This Halloween t-shirt is so cute!! I was going to get it last year but I didn't... maybe I should go ahead and pull the trigger?

The LAST thing I need is another cheetah print item... but how cute is this cheetah dress?!

I love pasta with all my heart, and I really want this t-shirt with all the different types of pasta on it.

This pullover has been in my shopping cart for a while now... it looks so cozy but still cute!

What clothing items have you been loving recently?

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