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Holiday Gift Guide: The VSCO Girl

WELCOME TO THE FIRST HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE OF THE SEASON!!! I am so excited to start making gift guides, and I thought I would kick this series off with a topic that I thought was a) pretty funny and b) probably pretty helpful, since the VSCO girls have taken over the population at this point. If you don't know what a VSCO girl is... just click here.

Polaroid // Friendship Bracelets // Peppa Pig Sticker // Shell Choker // Mario Badescu Set // Jibbitz // California Dreamin T-shirt // Birkenstocks // Crocs // Hydroflask // Scrunchie Set // Fjallraven Kanken // Aloha T-shirt

// T-SHIRTS //
Every VSCO girl needs an abundance of oversized graphic tees! In my experience, Urban Outfitters & Shein have the best ones! Make sure you order the t-shirts in an XL so they can be big enough to cover her shorts.

You can never go wrong with a pack of scrunchies, a shell choker, and some friendship bracelets! Aviator sunglasses are also a simple (& inexpensive) option.

// SHOES //
There are three distinct types of shoes a VSCO girl wears: Birkenstocks, Crocs (don't forget the Jibbitz!), and checkered Vans.

There are so many other accessories you can get the VSCO girls in your life... hydroflasks, metal straws, fjallraven kankens... the list goes on!

VSCO girls don't really wear much makeup, but they do love chapstick. Carmex is the most popular, but I prefer EOS + Burt's Bee's. VSCO girls also love the Mario Badescu rosewater spray (honestly, you can't really go wrong with any Mario Badescu product!). Glossier also has some popular products that are really simple, like their famous boy brow & balm dot com.


VSCO girls love to decorate their laptops + water bottles with Redbubble stickers! I think a bunch of Redbubble stickers makes for the cutest gift, because you can personalize the stickers for each individual person! I did this for my sister's birthday last year, and I got her a bunch of stickers that represent all the things she loves!


This category is definitely the most expensive, but if you're looking for a bigger gift to get the VSCO girl in your life, Airpods, Apple Watches, & Polaroids are always a great idea. However, there are still plenty of affordable options in this category, like a frame to put Polaroids in, an AirPods case, or an Apple Watch band!

What other gift guides do you want to see this season? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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