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10 Trends I'm Loving (ft. Uptown Cheapskate)

I am so excited for today's blog post because it's been one I've wanted to do for a long time! As you guys know, I work at Uptown Cheapskate, and I take pictures for their Instagram. Our grand opening is this Thursday at 4pm, and I am so excited!! I thought it would be fun to share my excitement by sharing some of my favorite clothing items I've encountered, and if you stop by the grand opening this week, you know what to look for :) Click here for more details about the grand opening.

Dallas girls, I better see y'all there! :) Unfortunately, because Uptown Cheapskate is a resale store, you can only find these specific items at the Colleyville Uptown Cheapskate, but if you live in a different part of the US, you should definitely check out your local Uptown Cheapskate because I bet you'll find some similar items there!

Disclaimer: this blog post isn't sponsored in any way! I just really love all the clothes at Uptown Cheapskate and I take so many pictures of them that it would be a shame to not share them!

EMBROIDERED JEANS // I think embroidered jeans are so cute and make such a statement! I love this pair from Zara; you can style it so many different ways because there's so many different colors in the jeans.

VELVET // I've seen so many cute velvet items at Uptown Cheapskate! I've seen a lot of velvet tops, but what really caught my eye was the selection of velvet shoes! I always struggle with formal shoes, because flats are so mundane but heels make my feet hurt, so I think these velvet shoes are the perfect alternative! They're so gorgeous and unique.

ALSO... Uptown Cheapskate has so many great formal dresses, especially little black dresses like this one. I also spotted a black sequined prom dress from Lulu's that was only $30!!

SEQUIN JACKETS // this sequin jacket is easily my favorite item at Uptown Cheapskate! It makes such a statement and it can be worn so many different ways. It's from Gap and only $10, so I am really hoping to snag it!

PUFFER COATS // my dad makes fun of the puffer coat trend but I think they are so cute! I have been seeing them everywhere this season, and for good reason! Obviously we're reaching the end of winter, but if you're going somewhere cold over spring break (I'm going to Aspen and I'm so excited!) a puffer jacket is an essential.

SNAKESKIN // y'all know how much I love snakeskin, and this cute skirt is no exception! It's such a cool print and I really like it because since it's black & white, you can still incorporate color into your outfit, like I did here with this red top.

STATEMENT SNEAKERS // sneakers are pretty much the only shoes I wear anymore. They're so comfy and versatile! (are we sensing a theme here... 2020 is the year of being comfy + versatile haha!). I especially love this pair from Michael Kors because a) more snakeskin & b) the thick heel gives me more height, which is always appreciated!

GRAPHIC TEES // graphic tees consist of about 50% of my wardrobe right now. I love wearing oversized graphic tees (size XL for the win) and pairing them with jeans, skirts, anything really! I thought this Golden Girls one was so cute haha!

CHEETAH PRINT // omg y'all I have a problem. Whenever I go shopping, I automatically gravitate towards anything and everything cheetah print. It is so popular right now and I am so obsessed with it!

PATTERNED PANTS // this whole outfit gives me Emma Chamberlain vibes... a teddy coat, FILA sneakers, and patterned pants. I really love patterned pants because they a) are comfier than jeans b) can be dressed up or down c) are just plain CUTE!

PASTELS // pastels are so pretty and dainty for spring!! I love these embroidered pants paired with this soft yellow top!


I am so excited for the grand opening and I hope to see you there!

Which outfit was your favorite? I'm head over heels for the sequined jacket! Let me know yours by leaving a comment below :)

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