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Currently Vol. 29

Happy Friday! Hope y'all have enjoyed week one of corona break--I personally am dying of boredom, and I'm really hoping it will all be over soon even though I have the feeling this is just the beginning. The one good thing about corona break is that I have plenty of time to write blog posts, so today I'm sharing a Currently post, where I talk about all the things I've been currently loving.

one week ago today... what i wouldn't give to be back here right now
Reading... Both Feet On The Ground by David Beckham. It's such an interesting read--Beckham was a famous soccer player and this autobiography dives into a lot of the behind-the-scenes of his career.

Eating... a bunch of boxed + frozen foods. Nothing too exciting because I can't go to any restaurants right now :(

Watching... TikTok. Soooo much TikTok. Please leave good movie + TV recommendations in the comments below, because I could definitely use some!

Wanting... a fake plant. I have yet to buy one and I could really use some greenery to brighten up my room right now!

Buying... I've lost track of how much time this week I've spent shopping online for grocery delivery. The struggle is so real... every item I try to order is out of stock and delivery slots are few and far between.

Loving... art! We were able to go to the school and pick up all our art supplies and projects, so now I have plenty of time to paint and work on my projects. That's just about the only thing I'm enjoying right now.

Listening... I have been loving The Stride Effect by Tori Desimone. Such a good and informative podcast!

Hope y'all have a good weekend and a fun self-quarantine!

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