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2021 Fashion Trend Forecast (As Predicted by TikTok)

2021 is finally here... which means it's time to start predicting 2021 fashion trends! 2020 was such a cool year for fashion and I definitely feel like 2021 has big shoes to fill, but I'm so excited to see what fashion trends emerge in 2021. Today I'm sharing a few 2021 fashion trends I've been seeing on TikTok!

1. Gap Hoodies

I feel like Gap hoodies have been pretty popular for a while, but TikTok says they're about to explode in 2021! Paired with a collared shirt & tennis skirt or some boyfriend jeans... I'm so here for it!

2. Colored Mascara

I like the idea of this trend because it's very subtle yet fun. I'm not sure if I would personally wear it because I have a very simple makeup routine, but I do think it's a really cool idea!

3. Psychedelic Prints

I keep seeing these prints all over Pinterest and I love them, but I had a hard time actually finding any clothes that fall into this category. I feel like this trend is about to explode and I'm so excited about it because I think it's so fun! I think we are about to see a lot of 70's fashion this year!

4. Cutout Tops

I feel like this is another style that has been pretty popular for a while. Cutouts are such a fun way to spice up a top and they look great when paired with fun jeans or skirts. Perfect for college game days!

5. Baseball Tees

I've never been a fan of baseball tees, so I'm not thrilled about this trend, but I think they have the potential to grow on me!

What 2021 trends are you most excited for?!

2020 Christmas Gift Guide: The Music Lover

 In today's gift guide, I'm sharing a bunch of musical themed gifts! I feel like musical gifts are so popular this year, and there are so many cute musical gifts to choose from! (Bonus points if you shop from a small business on Etsy!!)

50 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Welcome to the first Christmas gift guide of the season! I'm starting off the holiday season with the ULTIMATE gift guide... 50 gift ideas that are perfect for everyone. I'll also be explaining these gift ideas more in depth in a YouTube video, which will be up soon. I'll be doing other gift guides that are more niche throughout the holiday season, as well, so stay tuned for those!

1. Boots
Winter boots are always a great idea! Doc Martins are so popular right now. I also love the Jeffrey Campbell ones.

2. Neon sign
This is particularly great if you know someone who is redoing her room or going off to college soon! You can get a custom one or a premade one.

Amazon Wishlist + Prime Day Faves

Happy Prime Day! In honor of Amazon's huge sale for Prime members, I'm sharing some of my favorite Prime Day deals + some Amazon items I've had on my wishlist for the longest time. I personally don't think Prime Day deals are that great (they're normally only $3 or $4 off an item) but if you've been looking to purchase an item that never goes on sale, now's the time (hello Airpods & Babe Lash Serum!). However, Amazon gives its customers credits in the days leading up to the sale ($10 for shopping at Whole Foods and $10 for supporting a small business) so I have $20 to spend on anything!

I'll be updating this post throughout the sale, as deals change hourly. Not all of these are Prime Day deals, but since the credits are valid on anything I thought I'd share some of my most coveted items!

What Prime Day deals will you be taking advantage of?

Recreating Pinterest Outfits Vol. 2

I've been spending so much time on Pinterest lately. It truly is the best social media app and it's so inspiring! I love pinning outfits especially, so today I'm recreating a few of my favorite Pinterest outfits. I did another edition of this post a few months ago, and it was so fun to make! Enjoy!

Everything You Need To Know About Painting A Senior Parking Spot

 This past weekend, I spent a good 14-15 hours working on my senior parking spot. I went into this process without any idea of what to do, because there aren't many articles out there for parking spot tips. Today I'm sharing a comprehensive guide of all the supplies you need + what the process was like + tips you need to follow. PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!