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4 Quick and Easy DIYS for Back to School!

As school is in session for most and any day now for others, I have put together a small list of three easy DIYS for Back to School! I apologize in advance if this is a really short post, I just started school so my schedule is all messed up and I have had to shift my focus away from blogging. I love all of these and I hope y'all do too!

None of these images are mine and you can find all of their links under the DIY in which they are mentioned below. The mason jar image is not linked but credit for this goes to HGTV.

Mason Jars
With mason jars, the possibilities are limitless! You can paint them, put washi tape or stickers on them, or leave them just as they are. However you decide to decorate them, they have so many different uses. They look so cute on your desk or in your room filled with pencils, pens, or any other school supplies you need!

How To Create A Monogram in Word
Because who can't find a use for a DIY monogram? It looks so cute on a label for your water bottle or notebooks, or you can leave it on paper and use it for a million different things! 

Preppy Binder Covers
I feel like everyone does this, but it needs to be said because the right binder cover can totally transform your school supplies. Put an inspirational quote on it, add a little bit of Lilly, or pick out your own image - the choice is all yours!

Spice Up Your Pencils
Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more depressing than the sight of boring, yellow, wooden pencils. I cringe whenever I have to use one. While I typically prefer mechanical pencils, adding washi tape or an inspirational quote can make all the difference. (Yes, I am fully aware that you can buy Kate Spade pencils with the words already done for you, but DIYS are always so much fun and so much cheaper! Also this way you can personalize the sayings to your liking.)

Once again, I apologize if this was a really short post. I promise in a few weeks everything will be back to normal! I also apologize for just linking a bunch of things up and describing things without actually telling y'all how to make anything - this has partly to do with the amount of time I had and partly to do with my lack of immediate creativity. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoyed these DIYS! Be sure to leave me a comment telling me if you made any of these!

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