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Paper Picks

  I love desks, but as I said before, I don't have one. However, as I mentioned in the most recent #BloggerBlab, I have at least five boxes filled with various desk supplies scattered all over my room,  including stationary, sticky notes, and other paper goods. Since this week is desk week in #BloggersBTS, what better way to end it with a post honoring my favorite stationaries (yes, stationaries is a real word and most certainly not one that I just made up) and paper goods, some of which I have and others that are on the top of my office supply wish list (yes, I just made that up too.), so keep reading!

  Note - some of you may have noticed that this is Friday and once again, I am not sharing my Friday Picks. For the time being they will be put on pause, but I will most likely pick them up again in mid-September-ish. Thanks for being patient!
Paper Picks

 Stationary & Notecards
 Like I said, I have so many boxes of notecards sitting in my room. The most recent addition to my collection are these patterned chevron notecards and if you've gotten snail mail from me recently it's most likely one of these. (Side note - want to be snail mail friends? Shoot me an email at livethepreplife@gmail.com) I also recently picked up these adorable watercolor thank you notes from Target, and I can't wait to use them after my birthday! Currently on my stationary wish list is the Kate Spade Hello Darling Stationery Set, because what better brand to buy notecards from than Kate Spade?! Also, it comes with a variety of styles which I LOVE. I also love these TJMaxx Thank You Cards and I am completely regretting not buying them!
Sticky Notes and Notepads
Two days ago, I purchased this Get it Done Notepad from Rifle Paper Co, and I can't wait to use it once school starts! I am also in love with these two sticky note sets - one from Lilly Pulitzer and one from BAN.DO. I think that sticky notes and notepads are two quick and convenient ways to remind yourself of tasks and I will definitely be using that study tip.
Agendas and Notebooks
I've mentioned this a lot, but I got a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda for this school year and it is my favorite agenda EVER. Although I do love agendas a lot. I also think TJMaxx has the cutest notebooks. Seriously. Go pick one up right now. While they might not be practical for school (I prefer sturdy and extra good quality like Five Star) one or two for personal use is perfect as the quotes on the covers are so inspirational and they are relatively inexpensive.
Washi Tape
I love my washi. You can get it a lot of places, but Target actually has a good selection and these especially are so cute!  The multi packs come with three tapes and a storage box for only $10! Check them out here and here.    

This is my last post before I head back to school, so my schedule may be a little off these next couple of weeks as I get into a regular routine. Thanks for being patient with me and thanks for reading!


  1. That Ban.do sticky note set is SO cute! I almost picked it up the other day!
    xoxo, Jamie

  2. Essentials for anything and everything are cute notebooks and sticky note sets!