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Birthday Swap with Afton!

I honestly don't know what to say except THANK YOU SO MUCH AFTON! If you didn't know, my birthday was earlier this month, and it just about made my year when I "met" Afton last August and we discovered we shared a birthday! We were actually born 28 minutes apart which is so incredible that I met someone that close to my age who has the same interests as me. It ended up being a belated birthday swap which is why I've delayed this and my haul but it was still so much fun! I was completely blown away by the package contents and of course I wanted to share it and tell y'all to go check out Afton's blog right now. She is the best!

Here is everything she got me! I am so in love with it all and I still can't believe how amazing it is. Let's dive right in!
 The first thing I saw when I opened the package was this pack of really cute pencils with a flower and a note. It told me to "look inside everything. There's stuff that's hidden!" Needless to say I got really excited and I was for a good reason!

 This journal is so cute and I love the pens too! I am so excited to use these along with the pencils above for school - you can never have too many cute school supplies, am I right?!

Hidden inside this super cute pencil pouch were two things of ribbon, an L.A. Colors lipstick, and a Lilly for Target nail file. Um, can I please go to your Target, Afton? I'm still wishing I was able to get more goodies even though it was almost six months ago. Plus, this is hands down my favorite print
from the collection!

Inside this leopard pouch were some Jolly Ranchers and a fuse beads thingymabobber! (I have no idea what to call that.) Jolly Ranchers are one of my favorite candies and I may or may not have already eaten them.

And then I got some new reading material! This book looks really good and I loved the NC VV catalog. (that word looks like it's spelled wrong but spell checker doesn't think so so we're just gonna roll with it.)

I LOVE these tops Afton picked out! She was totally right - the pink one will look so cute with a Lilly skirt and the purple one will go nicely with jean shorts and Jacks.

The last thing I opened was this tin with a pack of gum, Wendy's gift card, and some Silly Bands! I have been looking for some everywhere (#tbts never get old) so thank you! And I love this flavor of gum - I didn't think I liked mint but I'm already halfway done with the package - who knew?

Again, here is everything I got (except the shirts that I forgot to include) The package was so sweet and it was such a happy mail day when I got it! It was so much fun trading with my birthday twin and you need to go read Afton's blog right now! I know you will love it as much as I do. Thanks again!


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