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Friday Picks

I can't tell you how long this week has felt. Honestly, I think I might go crazy if I had to spend another day at school. Thank goodness for the weekend - a lot of my friends and I are going to the lake and I can't wait. Unfortunately that means I won't be that active on social media - however, I promise y'all lots of pretty pictures when I get back! Also, while I have your attention - I'm changing my schedule.

School and other activities have been so busy for me, so I will be cutting back to two posts a week. One will be on Tuesday, and the second will be on Friday and it will be the Friday Picks. As much as I would love to write three posts a week, it's just too hard to keep up and I really want to make sure my posts are the best quality they can be. As they always say, quality over quantity! You may also see a bonus post here or there on the weekends, but it will generally be the Tuesday-Friday schedule. If it's a slow week or a long weekend, you might be able to expect three posts, but I wouldn't count on it. (If it is Thanksgiving or Christmas break and I get the whole week off, there will be three posts for sure!) Thank y'all for being so patient and understanding, you're seriously the best!

I redid my about page! Be sure to check it out here!

YUM. I don't even know what to say except YUM.

If you're thinking about transferring, Isabella's got you covered.

Thanks for an amazing birthday!

Best big sister ever.

You'll never be bored in the fall again.

Not a link - but who's seen the new Snapchat update? Add me at @livethepreplife!

Why I deleted Spotify...

Seriously crushing on this...

As a newbie blogger, I really appreciate this.

Some inspiration to get you through the week, even though it's Friday.

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